Rise and Fall of Diet Mythologies: Dairy not as Bad as Thought

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 02 September 2018


Rise and Fall of Diet Mythologies

Dairy not as Bad as Thought

Current advice to limit dairy intake should be reconsidered,
European Society of Cardiology, August 28, 2018.


"...consumption of dairy products has long been thought to increase the risk of death, particularly from coronary heart disease (CHD), cerebrovascular disease, and cancer, because of dairy's relatively high levels of saturated fat. Yet evidence for any such link, especially among US adults, is inconsistent. With the exception of milk, which appears to increase the risk of CHD, dairy products have been found to protect against both total mortality and mortality from cerebrovascular causes."

Good News for Dairy
"...dairy products have been found to protect against both total mortality and mortality from cerebrovascular causes, according to research presented today..."

"A meta-analysis of 29 cohort studies published in 2017 found no association between the consumption of dairy products and either cardiovascular disease (CVD) or all-cause mortality."

Bad News for Milk
"Yet a large 20-year prospective study of Swedish adults...found that higher consumption of milk was associated with a doubling of mortality risk, including from CVD, in the cohort of women."

Dairy Good
"...researchers found consumption of all dairy products to be associated with a 2% lower total mortality risk and consumption of cheese to be associated with an 8% lower total mortality risk..."

"But milk consumption was also associated with a 4% higher CHD mortality..."

More Dairy, Less Milk?
"The researchers concluded that among US adults, higher total dairy consumption protected against both total mortality and mortality from cerebrovascular causes. At the same time, higher milk consumption was associated with an increased risk of CHD..."


The Bottom Line

Ever Changing Boogie Men
The recent mythologies that fat was bad and carbs OK, that meat is bad for you, or that meat is good for you, that eggs and salt are all bad for us have all fallen.

The Food Furnace
I’ve always put in enough road and weight training work that I can eat practically as much as I want of anything I want, after filling my basic daily nutritional requirements. The hard part’s always been trimming the diet down during times of injury or other inabilities to train and hike.

Work is the Key
This points to the fact that looking at diet is typically looking in the wrong place for the cause of the dual epidemics of obesity and diabetes we see ripping across our country.
The real source of our weight problems is not, “diet,” but is firmly centered in the lack of personal physical engagement, in the lack of physical engagement with nature, either by traveling (hiking-jogging) long distances through nature, or manipulating it through strength-based engagements, such as heavy backpacks, climbing, and weight training at home.

Physical engagement tunes perception as well as sharpening fitness, and is vitally necessary for metaphysically balanced individulas.

Use It or Lose It
People who do not engage their physical resources lose them, they get fat, then they worry about the things in their diet that are killing them, when they should be looking at the lack of activity that’s really killing them.

Work-Based Diet
The first step of establishing a healthy diet is establishing a baseline workload, the level of aerobic and strength training that your diet is going to be supporting. The amount of food you are taking in means nothing if there is no exercise, if there is no physical burning of calories.

Almost everything (in moderation) can be good for you if you work hard, and almost everything can be bad for sedentary individuals. The key to a successful diet is as much in burning the calories as it is in restricting them, meaning it’s the balance between input and output through work that not only determines weight gain or loss, but the efficiency of your metabolic processes themselves.


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dairy not as bad for diet as thought


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