Crashing Our Climate: The Deserved Payoff, More Megafires, Winter Megafires Too

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 18 December 2017



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Crashing Our Climate

The Deserved Payoff, More Megafires, Winter Megafires Too

The Thomas fire is terrifying. Fire trends are even more terrifying,
LA Times, December 17, 2017.

The title of this story should really be, “Karma Comes for California, induced by our own corrupted desires.” Our corrupt desires first displaced our ethics with open greed, which then bled into, and completely corrupted our political processes. Our failure to restrain our own greed and corruption has grown so large it has finally undermined the natural basis and balance of our traditional weather and ecology, which has disrupted the shared global environment that every living thing needs to survive, let alone prosper. Everything.

Nature, “balances out,” all the destructive forces within It. “The Big Unit,” Nature on this planet, is currently pulling the rug out from under humans. More precisely, our motivations and our resulting behaviors (greed & corruption, respectively) have induced Nature to “pull the rug out from under” us humans. We are really “pulling the rug out” from under ourselves. Nature is only reflecting and feeding-back our own evil actions back onto ourselves, and everything else, in it’s own special ways. The logical actions of Nature are quite impressive, on a scale far above and beyond biblical. We are watching it, the full powers of Nature, unfold before us today, with even greater skills of observation, clarity, and ignorance that humans held in biblical times.

As in all tales of Natural Wisdom, our evil desires will be stopped. Ironically, it is our own bad behavior that will be the force that self-extinguishes itself, as it destroys the natural fertility that made this bad, mad behavior possible, and powerful enough to unbalance all of Man and Nature, in the first place.

We had our fate in our own hands, until our own cummulative decisions and actions created our own grim future by knocking our whole planet out of balance. Now we get to, "ride the tiger," we get to watch our desires finally play themselves out in our collapsing weather and ecosystems, as we try to ride them down. Get comfortable. The collapse of the old, and the emergence of our new grim and thin weather and ecosystems are going to take a very, very long time, these changes are going to be very, very painful, and we’ve only just begun.

The only way to start putting Nature back into balance is to put our own fate back into our own hands. To change the trajectory of Nature we’ve got to end the corporate captivity of politics and politicians. We must identify every form of corporate and special interest bribery as the crimes they are, and make all non-voter bribes illegal.
We can only make good decisions if we have an honest decision-making process. We do not. We can only fix Nature if we fix-up our corrupted decision making process. We’ve got to restore our democratic processes. To do that we must remove the most effective tool of greed in politics. We must remove, drain, the oceans of corporate bribe money that both political parties are currently floating on.


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