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Corruption is an Expensive Problem | High Sierra Backpacker

Corruption is an Expensive Problem

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 28 April 2017


Corruption is an Expensive Problem...

The West has a tricky, expensive water problem – and even solving it is controversial,
McClatchy, April 27, 2017.

April-May News  

McClatchy only identifies the superficial problem in their article above, the water problem caused by our deeper political problem they leave unidentified.

The real problems we have are powerful agricultural and developer interests heavily bribing both Republicans and Democrats to subsidize the outrageous
environmental, social, and economic costs their irresponsible profits put on the rest of us.

Our politicians have sacrificed the quality of our lives so the rich can be richer.

Remember, this is only one in a long series of water and infrastructure disasters our corrupt leaders have “led” us into: The Oroville Dam debacle is representative of the degraded state of the whole California water system. The impending "Twin Tunnels" hijacking of North Ca water to maintain irresponsible growth is another example.

The problems we see in our water system are a good stand-in for the overall degraded status our physical and social infrastructures. The taxes that should have maintained our roads, bridges, schools, and whole infrastructure have been pocketed as outrageous profits since Clinton joined Regan in the revolution of corporate and personal greed they and their corrupt parties truly represent.

Since the corporate capture of the Democrats the profits and wealth of our corporate elite have shot to the Moon, while everything else has been stripped to the bone.

The exceptional infrastructure California taxpayers had built to raise healthy families is now completely gone, having been stripped naked in a fifty year long rush of irresponsible growth that has damaged all aspects of life in California.

Though the McClatchy article above describes the contemporary political situation surrounding one aspect of our water reality, it says nothing about the long term framework of bribery and corruption that has not just sustained these irresponsible policies and their outrageous profits, but expanded them in the face of a changing climate.

Now our corporate sponsored politicians are going to keep us paying dearly to further subsidize the profits of our corporate leaders.

We must ban all non-individual "contributions" to politicians and political parties to rescue our country, its quality of life, and its environment.


The Observed Necessity for a New Environmentalism


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