New Flood Maps: Extreme Flooding to Become Regular Events

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 24 August 2019



Changing Storms and Rising Seas Contribute Differently to Flood Risks
The relative contributions of rising sea levels and changing storms differed according to the area of the country being studied. Reza Marsooli et al, Princeton University, Engineering School.
The relative contributions of rising sea levels and changing storms differed according to the area of the country being studied. In northern areas, sea level rise is a major contributor to increased flooding, while changing storm dynamics are relatively more important in southern areas. Reza Marsooli et al, Princeton University, Engineering School.


New Flood Maps: Extreme Flooding to Become Regular Events

'100-year' floods will happen every 1 to 30 years, according to new flood maps,
Princeton University, Engineering School, August 22, 2019.


1 to 30 Year "100 Year Floods"
" maps that predict coastal flooding for every county on the Eastern and Gulf Coasts and find 100-year floods could become annual occurrences in New England; and happen every one to 30 years along the southeast Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico shorelines."

Comprehensive Maps
"...researchers combined storm surge, sea level rise, and the predicted increased occurrence and strength in tropical storms and hurricanes to create a map of flood hazard possibility along the U.S. East Coast and Gulf of Mexico."

Increased Sea Level vs Increased Storm Surge
"Coastlines at northern latitudes, like those in New England, will face higher flood levels primarily because of sea level rise. Those in more southern latitudes, especially along the Gulf of Mexico, will face higher flood levels because of both sea level rise and increasing storms into the late 21st century."

All Impacts Considered
"For the Gulf of Mexico, we found the effect of storm change is compatible with or more significant than the effect of sea level rise for 40% of counties. So, if we neglect the effects of storm climatology change, we would significantly underestimate the impact of climate change for these regions."

More Predictive
"...the new maps use the latest climate science to look at how tropical storms will change in the future instead of what they are right now, or even looking backwards at previous storms, as federal disaster officials do to build their flood maps. These data, in turn, are integrated with sea level analysis."



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