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Water News: Colorado River in Decline LA Must Shrink Now | High Sierra Backpacker

Water News: Colorado River in Decline LA Must Shrink Now

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 29 November 2018


Water News

Colorado River in Decline

LA Must Shrink Now

Rising temperatures sucking water out of the Colorado River,
KPCC, October 31, 2017.

Colorado River  in Decline

Ironically, the radical changes in the behaviors of snow, water, temps, seasons, and river flows we've observed over the last thirty years, and are continually experiencing up and down the Sierra & Rocky Ranges, are the direct consequences of exactly the same type of irresponsible growth and development that built LA, a city that’s been supported since its inception by stealing vast amounts of Colorado River water.

And, stealing everyone else's water they can get their grubby hands on.

The growth "process," the corruption and irresponsibility, that created the presence and activities of LA puts at risk the very water LA needs to live!

The ongoing growth process that created, and is fueling growth in LA today, puts at risk the two most important things we all need to live: Mutual Trust & Water. LA's cheating, irresponsible, corrupt inception, and its current trajectory of dishonorable growth destroys both.

Wisdom suggests avoiding these problems in the first place, by not growing and developing such vast concentrations of people in such a dishonorable, destructive, and cheating manner, to avoid growing to the point that this growth distorts & finally destroys either our ethics, our infrastructure, our distribution of wealth, or our environment. Too late. This irresponsible growth has badly damaged both our Nation's broader ethical, and our environmental fabrics.

Our culture is approaching its time to reap what we sowed.

Just to be clear: greed and cheating to advance your own greedy interests are not acceptable behaviors, despite what our elected representatives say. Greed and cheating lead to disasterous outcomes.

Now that we’ve reached the furthest limits of ripping off all our own human & natural resources, maybe we would want to end the processes of cheating that pushed the population of California far past the point of “sustainability,” right up to and beyond the very limits of our water supply?

Well, we already used growth to break and degrade everything else, so why not finish off the water, too!

No, we can see that satisfying their personal greed is the most important thing to these people, our corporate elite and their international cast of minions, and that they will pursue their own greed & gratification up to, and past the point of shit-canning our rules, laws, and ethics, and environment, essentially willing to sacrifice every aspect of our nation in pursuit of their personal power, wealth and gratification.

Sadly for all of us, the sky, the seasons, the rivers, and the state of our people's spirit all show we have already breeched both our physical and ethical restraints and have already done serious damage to both the spirit of Man & Nature, while our corporate masters and their captive politicians lay plans for continuing to grow all of these abuses as far into the future as they possibly can.

Ironically, stopping growth will disempower, if not destroy the Corporate Growth Machine of Death. Greed must relentlessly grow to feed its eternally growing corruptions, or it will collapse, and be eaten, consumed by its own desires.
Right now the CGMD is pretending to grow by printing oceans of money, but it’s mearly “treading water” in its artifical ocean of “prosperity,”  debt, until the next “weak link” in its “endless growth” scam breaks, and it drowns in its own excesses. Stay tuned, it won’t be long: Man & Nature are both stressed beyond their breaking points by the greedy manipulations and machinations of the Corporate Growth Machine of Death.

Both Man & Nature have been badly cheated and damaged for the wealth & power of few, and both are ready to cut loose in big ways.

The Four Horsemen have gathered their steeds out of pasture, saddled them up, and gathered-up all their gear.

Soon they will ride.


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2017-11-02 10:09:03

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