Climate Record Suggests Longer Droughts, Drier Wet Periods for Pacific Northwest

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 24 February 2011

Pitt-Led Researchers Report 6,000-Year Climate Record Suggests Longer Droughts, Drier Wet Periods for Pacific Northwest

Article from University of Pittsburgh

Too late, scientists. The climate has already radically shifted. The seasons now begin and end at different times as they did just 30 years ago. The winds now blow from different directions. The wetness, the humidity, and the nature of the climate of each season has already changed here on the Pacific Coast of the United States.

These changes were due to the combined failure of our wisdom and ethics magnified by the strength of our science and technology. These factors are all supercharged by the overwhelming strength of our greed. The natural system will no longer support our shennigans.

This is going to be an interesting century.

For a record of the last few years of science failing to keep up with the rapid changes in our climate, see this extensive list of environmental reporting.


Science is merely a reporter, announcing what they've already done to our planet. Our scientists are as blind to our environmental meltdown as our economists were of the impending economic meltdown.

In my opinion both groups are still busy rearanging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Both scientists and economists have insisted for decades that bad behavior would have good outcomes. Each group falsly claimed a predictive power based on the long-failed assumption that endless growth of human population, and the attendent growth of consumption, production, profits, and values could grow endlessly into the future.

This leaves us with only two options on the character of scientists and economists: They are either liars, or they are stupid. 

The failure of their assumptions about endless growth is resounding around the natural and social world as I write. None in either group have addressed the heart of the problem, and all are working hard to find a way to preserve the endless growth that brought on the crisis in the first place.

 It's tragic: all that brainpower, and so little wisdom. The same can be said of our economists. It would be funny, if it was not so sad: Run, Lemmings, Run!

This is going to be a very interesting century.

For backpackers this means one thing: See it now. The special beauty of the Sierras is departing quickly. The whole ecosystem of the Pacific Northwest is no longer supported by the climate that created it. 

See it now, because it will not be here tomorrow.

The pristine beauty of the tattered remnants of our natural world are rapidly departing.

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