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Climate Conditions Conducive to Fine Wines Changing in Italy

Climate Conditions Conducive to Fine Wines Changing in Italy

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 22 August 2019



Sour Grapes; Conditions Conducive to Fine Wines Changing in Italy

Shift to More Intense Rains Threatens Historic Italian Winery,
Penn State, August 21, 2019.


The Issue
"...a lack of steady rainfall brought on by a changing climate is threatening a centuries old winemaking tradition in Italy..."

Effects of Increasing Heat & Intense Rain
"Our results are consistent with the hypothesis that the increasing tendency of precipitation intensity could exacerbate the effect of global warming on some premium wines that have been produced for almost 400 years,"

350 Year Prod Record
"Intense precipitation events represent the second most important factor, behind temperature, in predicting when grapes were ready at one vineyard that's been producing wine using traditional methods since the 1650s and recording harvest dates for 200 years."

"Early harvests can prevent grapes from fully developing the complex flavors found in wines."

Rain Intensity & Heat
"Previous studies have established a link between higher temperatures and earlier grape harvest dates at other European wineries. Higher rainfall totals can help offset advances in harvest dates caused by rising temperatures, but the impact of rain intensity was not well understood."

Negative Feedback Loop
"The findings indicate a feedback in the climate system -- the increase in temperature precipitates more intense rainfall, which further advances the grape harvest date."

All-Agriculture Implications
"...how that amplification can affect not only this winery, but all wineries, and in fact all agriculture. I think it's a cautionary tale in that regard."


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Recent Extreme Weather Research

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The Bottom Line

The seasons have already changed around the world with warming temperatures bringing shorter Winters, earlier Springs, hotter Summers, and warm Fall temperatures extending to the very doorstep of Winter. Around the whole world.

Old Facts
While we are still measuring the no longer subtle effects of these fundamental changes from our old, "averages," still looking backwards, while all around us a whole new, and much less fertile relationship between man, weather, and nature is the emerging future of our planet. The emergence of these new relationships are far along in the process of making our historical seasonal. "averages," for time, temperature, and rainfall completely irrelevant. Everywhere.

New Facts
The subtle changes in our season's characters and seasonal progressions we have been experiencing so far, are ending, ending in the sense that the traditional weather patterns from which we measure our, "averages," are almost gone, and those that have not been replaced by new seasonal behaviors, which are also warming, soon will be. A new set of seasonal averages for timing, temperatures, and precipitation is emerging in the reality around us, and in the statistical record.

Final Points of Separation
The basic chemical foundations of climate and weather that composed and created our old range of seasonal patterns and averages is gone. What does remain of our traditional climate and weather foundations are slipping away, undergoing rapid and fundamental changes clearly showing us that this whole planet stands on the threshold of an irreversible transformation into a completely different world, a world featuring a much harsher and a significantly less-fertile climate and weather conditions than those which created and sustained us up to this point, the point of us killing that which created us.

The Payment "Plan"
Money can't fix stupid or greedy, nor the fundamental damages they've done, and are doing to the spirit of life on this planet, and the box it lives in... No, it is your kids, grandkids, and the future progeny of almost every living thing on this planet who will pay for this, with radically decreased quality of life and access to resources, with much more pain and deprivation per unit of pleasure, than mankind has seen for a long, long time.



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