2018, Hot Times in SoCal: Record Warm Waters off Southern California

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 08 August 2018


Hot Times in SoCal

Record Warm Waters off Southern California,
NASA Earth Observatory, August 8, 2018.

New Records in Water and Sky
"California has seen a range of natural extremes this summer, from heat waves to wildfires. The state can now add to the list record-warm ocean temperatures. On August 1, 2018, researchers from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography observed water temperatures of 25.9 degrees Celsius (78.6 degrees Fahrenheit) along the coast at La Jolla, exceeding the previous record of 25.8°C (78.4°F) set in 1931."

Scripps Pier Records Highest Ocean Temperature in its 102-year History

Record Setting Sea Surface Temperatures (SST) August 2, 2018
"The map above shows sea surface temperature anomalies on August 2, 2018..."
Chart Credit: NOAA Coral Reef Watch

5-10 Degrees Above Normal
"The warmest sea surface temperatures (red) extend from Point Conception to the Baja California coast. According to Bill Patzert, retired NASA climatologist, temperatures along this part of the coastline were 5-10°F above normal."

“The primary driver of these warm ocean temperatures is the persistence of continental atmospheric high pressure that has dominated western weather..."

"This summer, however, a dome of high pressure over the continental west has dominated, causing coastal winds to blow from the south. This pattern has sustained a cap of warm ocean waters from San Diego to Santa Barbara, preventing cool water from rising up."


Scripps Pier Records Highest Ocean Temperature in its 102-year History


Record-setting heat has not just been limited to the sea surface temps off the coasts of SoCal, but has also manifested itself regionally in the air temps over SoCal and the whole Southwest of the US.

Globally, we are experiencing an incredible run of sustained record-heat, hot weather, and water of such a magnitude that I've characterized this Summer of 2018 as comprising The Great Northern Hemisphere Heatwave of 2018. This year will go down in history as the last gasp of our old, traditional weather patterns and seasons.

We've Only Just Begun
These hot weather and hot water events are just the beginnings of the devastating climate-weather-seasonal disasters we have already grown ourselves into. This year is an example of "life" finally catching up with human behavior.

The New Normal is Emerging
Our effects have just now worked their way through the totality of our biological and ecological systems.
This year's incredible local Summer heat and unprecedented fires show us that the major breakdowns of both our ecological and biological realities are well on their way to full fruition.

The unprecented global reach of the hot weather disasters we are now experiencing around the whole Northern Hemisphere are each and all important.

The New Normal has Emerged in 2018
Each is playing its part by marking the beginning of an acceleration in the occurence, growth, and intensity of freak heat, of freak weather patterns and, "happenings," all accompanied by extreme drought and flooding, (depending on exactly where you are), that have now struck with such force and regularity to give us a clear view of the, "New Normal," that our greed, corruption, and open cheating have ushered into being.

The Great Northern Hemisphere Heatwave of 2018 has shown us the New Normal from which the continued devolution of our weather will proceed.

It's far past time we stopped the irresponsible demographic growth, and curbed the corrupt powers of The Corporate Growth Machine of Death that's driving this nature-destroying growth.

Brighten the Future

We seriously need a New Environmentalism, one that reflects the ethics of our Revolutionary Forefathers, rather than the greed and desire of our Robber Baron Forefathers. That's the only way we will protect what's left of our environment, let alone our health, safety, and our wealth.

Long Gone
, our enviroment, health, safety, and wealth have each been long ago sacrificed on the alter of greed-driven corruption of our government and politics, and that's how we're going to get them back. Meaning that we've got to bring our legitimate Constitutional government back to life, to fix our environment, health, safety, and wealth. At lest if we want the children to live.

Folks that are currently young adults are going to lose big and suffer terribly in our frying future, but they will have it good compared to the kids.

Few of today's younger children will survive the transition into the temperatures and seasons our near future holds in store for them.


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