Climate Change News: The Seasons have Radically Changed, Real Time Changes Observed

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 08 December 2017



Climate Change News
The Seasons have Radically Changed

Real Time Changes

Less than Generational time-span Real Time Changes

Some say the Sierra snow line is moving uphill, now one study backs them up,
SF Chron, December 5, 2017.

I've watched the 395 corridor lose Winter snow over the past fifty years.

I've seen a solid two decades of declining mid-Winter High Sierra snow pack, accompanied by increasing temps. I've watched Summer push step-by-step to Winter's door, followed every year by Spring stair-stepping to earlier and earlier Spring Thaw and trail openings.

The changing seasons are clearly being mirrored by the changing timing of blooming, budding, migration, of ocean upwellings, and of hibernation of all living things around the world. This has had devastating effects on the webs of life wrapping around the world.

Rather than using a thermometer, we can now more effectively measure the weight of the changes to the timing and temperatures of the seasons by measuring the changing timing of life.

Observing it, closely observing the character and timing of the "cycle of fertility" of our planatary "engines of life" was once one of humanity's primairy tasks. Today humanity's behaviors are breaking Earth's engines of life and warping its attendent cycle of fertility, as our attention has turned to different social, cultural, and personal gratifications than those tied-to and based in Nature.

Anything that loses its relationship with Nature is done-for. Finished. Any creature or species that severes its own relationship with Nature has cut its own throat.

Independent of why these fundamental changes to our seasonal cycle are happening, the very fact that radical changes to our weather are happening, and the clear fact that these changes are posing a significant threat to reliable water supplies for California's already over-bloated existing population, while at the same time the changing weather is devastating California's river and forest life, let alone the forests themselves, I need to know why the hell are we growing our population as quickly as we possibly can?

These are not the times for rapid, massive, irresponsible population growth.

These are the times to "hunker-down," to reduce our exposure to risk while solidifying our social stability and cohesion in the face of an uncertain future.

We are doing exactly the opposite. Our nation has been dangerously increasing risk in a relentless, irresponsible pursuit of profits and power via the policy of irresponsible offshoring and immigration since the Regan Era.

Those are the forces collapsing our climate.

Rather than hunker-down we are charging ahead with exactly the same behaviors, policies, and motivations that triggered these disasterous weather changes in the first place.

And, anyone who gets in the way of the Corporate Growth Machine of Death, anyone who tries to point out the costs and consequences of unrestrained greed and growth are painted as some kind of retrograde freaks, as conservative freaks, effectively being marganilized rather than addressed.


Changing Seasons, Changing Sierra

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Nature, and its fertility are abandoning humanity, pulling back and dropping down to a level that's going to leave big chunks of our planet virtually uninhabitable, and even bigger sections with limited population supports.

We've consumed the foundations of the natural systems that our house, the house of humanity sits upon, and now we are watching the first parts of our home in Nature collapse.

Our first observations of these fundamental changes, decades ago, were dire omens we ignored at our peril. Now these changes themselves, and the new omens they bring, are showing that Nature is in the process of wrestling the steering wheel of this planet from humanity's hands, is going to toss him out of the "driver's seat," and make him walk for at least a while, before we will drive again, if ever.

We can engineer all the sophisticated technology to tap the fertility of Nature we want. It will all be worthless with no fertility to tap.

We've only outsmarted ourselves, not Nature. 






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