Nature is Crashing Hard: More-severe climate model predictions could be the most accurate

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 08 December 2017



Climate Crashing News

Nature is Crashing Hard

More-severe climate model predictions could be the most accurate,


"The climate models that project greater amounts of warming this century are the ones that best align with observations of the current climate"

The message of the research above is that we should check-out and become familiar with the most dire of the current climate models, because those are the ones that are best tracking and explaining our current trajectory. They "fit."

""There are dozens of prominent global climate models and they all project different amounts of global warming for a given change in greenhouse gas concentrations..."

Range of Models
Between 5.8 and 10.6 by 2100
"...results for a business-as-usual scenario indicate that we can expect global temperatures to increase anywhere in the range of 5.8 and 10.6 degrees Fahrenheit (3.2 to 5.9 degrees Celsius) over preindustrial levels by the end of the century...

That's the wide range of reputable climate models, but, only a few are accurately predicting today's trends and conditions. The research above says,

"...models that project greater amounts of warming this century are the ones that best align with observations of the current climate ..."

Worse Models fit Today's Reality...
Those are the models that have our planet frying by the turn of the century, with temp rises that will bring major natural breakdown and human chaos. It's a slow-motion train wreck.

Worse Models Fit
"It makes sense that the models that do the best job at simulating today's observations might be the models with the most reliable predictions,"

10.6 by 2100
Those are the hottest, most disastrous predictions, the ones up in the 10.6 degrees of heating by century-end. But that's not our real problem.

The Desire that defeated Ethics
Our real problems is that American focus on unrelenting globalized greed and growth have grown and consumed ourselves, all of humanity, and our whole planet, into very deep trouble.

The corrupt leadership of the American Corporate elite has betrayed our country, our own values, and our whole planet.

Our kids are going to bake, and their kids, fry.

Hotter & Hotter
That's the real, "Change you can Believe In" we have brought into being by pursuing the Corporate Growth Machine of Death's "program" of unrelenting, greed-driven irresponsible growth, "by any means necessary."

Our broken "value-system" has broken the planet.

A review of the Eco-Crash News proves the point 



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