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Our Modern Scopes Monkey Trial? Climate Science vs Corporate Greens in Court? | High Sierra Backpacker

Our Modern Scopes Monkey Trial? Climate Science vs Corporate Greens in Court?

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 21 March 2018


Eco-Crash News
Our Modern Scopes Monkey Trial?

Climate Science vs Corporate Greens in Court?

Lawsuits vs. big oil lead to court lessons on climate change,
AP, March 21, 2018.


This trial will not be a classic, like the Scopes, "Monkey" vs. "Religion," Trial, but more like, "monkey vs monkey!"

What we have in this courtroom are the corporate-bribed political monkeys suing their corporate oil monkey-masters, with each trying to blame the other for their mutual crimes! Lots of poop-flinging...

The First "Legal Test" of Climate Change"

"...in what could be the first hearing to study the science of climate change."

"Judge William Alsup asked lawyers for two California cities and five of the world’s largest oil and gas companies to present “the best science now available on global warming.” "

"Legal observers say they have never heard of a court holding a tutorial on climate change, and they are eager to see how the oil companies explain global warming."


I am not impressed with this suit. Though I believe Oil Companies are cupable for a large share of our planet's environmental damages, naming them, who are a single (yet crucial) part of a much larger, much more complex chain of causation and liability, as being soley liable for the damages is neither fair nor accurate. The oil companies had lots of help.

Yet ascertaining this may require testing the contention of global warming itself, which will finally put the evidence for and against global warming on a legal scale for measurement. Like the Scopes Monkey Trail, because of the nature of the legal forum, the process of ascertaining scientific fact could be very bad, even humiliating, for the folks who may allow their desires, their greed, or their religious beliefs to get in the way of scientific reality inside the courtroom.
The oil companies and their captive politicans have both long let their greed and corruption get in the way of allowing either of these "classes" of people from either being honest, or doing the "right thing" outside the courtroom.

This is an impressive forum because it's always nice to capture their corruptions, "on the record."


All hydrocarbon users, as well as producers, are liable for the destruction of our ancient ecosystems in their own porportion. For instance, cities and states who actively conspired to illegally import millions and millions of illegals, and then gave them driver's licences, so they could illegally consume millions and millions of extra gallons of hydrocarbons, must be counted as "state" crimes balanced against the "crimes" of the oil companies, just to get started.

Irresponsible illegal domestic growth seems the main source of additional consumers fueling the domestic growth of our oil industry's production and consumption over the last fifty years. It was this growth that pushed us over our ecological "tipping point," and it was this growth that can be directly attributed to the crimes and inducements of "our" politicians.

It is indisputable that our politicians irresponsibly and illegally stuffed a hundred million unnecessary "consumers" into our country, to our great detriment. It is indisputable our politicians moved our manufacturing to filthy China. It is the inception of these domestic and "global" policies of irresponsible growth that have destroyed our climate that makes the politicians and their parties more liable than the oil companies:
These corrupted politicians set into motion the destructive policies that the oil companies merely followed and served. The politicians provided the irresponsible growth that the oil companies physically fueled.

These oil companies only fed the gross, climate-destroying growth machine of China after our politicians moved all the world's middle-class manufacturing to a country with no pollution control or regulations, a country who employs mass legions of peasant-slave labor. All of these political macinations were, "performed," to replace American Middle Class workers with cheap foreign "sweated" labor both here in the US, and by using filty Chinese slave-labor manufacturing, "over there."

Our corporate-bribed politicians enacted the policies that triggered our planet's environment's breakdown. Those same politicians are the ones suing the oil companies, and are the ones who are right-now actively supporingt the illegal domestic growth and irresponsible offshoring policies that crashed our climate in the first place. The oil companies merely followed the politician's lead...


Looks like we found our guilty parties. The oil companies were willing accessories to, and are currently bribing the main political criminals (in both parties) who engineered the domestic and global "growth" machine that killed, is continuing to smash our climate, which made the oil companies billions and billions of dollars in profits, out of which the oil companies paid millions, if not tens of millions of dollars in bribes to the politicians of both parties. Yup,

Who's the problem here, in this circular situation? The very politicians who complain most loudly about the climate problem are the ones who did the most to create and maintain it in the first place, and are the ones currently fighting like cornered traitors to push their programs of illegal domestic growth and irresponsible globalism to even higher levels of environmental destruction today, while they loudly proclaim they are "green." They are liars.


This is a "show" trial, to "show" that the Democrats, who's very policies of completely unlimited illegal domestic growth and unlimited globalism destroyed our ecology, are "green!" The oil company CEOs must be steaming mad, knowing this truth, that the politicians are just as guilty as they for destroying our climate and ecology, while creating and claiming some kind of, "moral high ground," for themselves

Nonetheless, I am glad the suit proceeds, on "general principals."

Regardless of the spectacle of this corporate clown and pony show presented by our corrupted, corporate-bribed politicians sitting across court from their corrupt oil company bribers, all sitting in the same courtroom together, I have high hopes that the salient facts about the drastic damages our out-of-control irresponsible growth and development have done to our atmosphere, weather, climate, and ecosystems are brought out and indisputably displayed in a rigours legal framework. That would be a positive.

Afterwards, if only we could declare them all guilty, and shoot them all, both the briber and the bribed, (politicians and oil companies), to properly deal with the guilty parties that are sitting on both sides of this court's bench, we would be making a much better United States for all Americans, and for all of nature, too.

That might be the only way to put a kink in the politicians accepting, and the corporations giving, the political bribes that keep the Corporate Growth Machine of Death running smoothly.

I'd pin the tail on both the donkeys sitting in that courtroom, the political donkeys and their jackass corporate masters, as they are both equally guilty, even though they each took different, but coordinated, roles in the crime of destroying our ancient weather and ecosystems.

Responsibility is the "hot potato" they are tossing at each other in that courtroom. I can fix that.

I declare both parties in that courtroom GUILTY of destroying our traditional weather and ecosystems, through bribery, corruption, and colluding in a massive ongoing fifty-year long wave of illegal immigration matched with shipping our industrial jobs to environmentally unregulated filthy Chinese sweatshops.

Killing our country and our environment made them all, "our" political elite and their corporate masters, a heck of a lot of money that the shitloads they had before their push to, "takover everything," ...as our corporate elite now possess all of what was once the middle-class's share of our national wealth, and all of our political power, too.

Sad times for Man and Nature here in the USA and around the whole world.







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note: I mean metaphorically "shooting" the institutionalized corruption controlling the politicians as being symbolic of, "killing," the greed and corruption driving the politicians and their oil company bribers...I mean, "sponsors."


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