Climate Change News. Not an Improving Situation: Improved Climate Modeling Sees the Grim Future of the US: More Extremes Here

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 20 December 2017



Climate Change News
Not an Improving Situation

 Improved Climate Modeling Sees the Grim Future of the US: More Extremes Here

High-resolution climate models present alarming new projections for U.S.,
AGU, December 15, 2017.


"..US is likely to experience increases in the number of days with extreme heat, the frequency and duration of heat waves..."


“One of the most alarming findings in our business-as-usual projection shows that by late-century the southeastern U.S. will experience maximum summer temperatures every other day that used to occur only once every 20 days...”


"...extreme temperatures and extended duration of the warmer season will likely take a significant toll on crops and the ecosystem..."


"...the American West, which is already grappling for limited water resources, could witness much shorter frost seasons at high elevations, leading to a smaller surge in spring meltwater than what is needed for the early growing season."


This new high resolution climate model above joins a chorus of improving climate models showing a very grim trajectory of warming and seasonal change for in our planet’s future. We’d better hope we come up with some “magic” technology, or are able to get off this planet, before the full effects of our ongoing greed finish ravaging our ecology and ecosystems.


I laugh when I hear that, because there is no magic “technology.” There is no “technology” that offsets the causes of greed in man nor offsets the effects of our greed on Nature. All’s our evolving technologies have ever done is to expand the powers of our desires, expanding the destructive reach and power of our desires, while never modifying or mollifying them.


We need to improve our ethics, not our technology.



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