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Killing the Planet: End of Cold, Glaciers are Crashing | High Sierra Backpacker

Killing the Planet: End of Cold, Glaciers are Crashing

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 20 March 2018



Water & Ice News
Killing the Whole Planet

End of Cold

Glaciers are Crashing

Glacier mass loss: Past the point of no return,
University of Innsbruck, March 19, 2018.

"..."Paris Agreement"...agreed to limit the rise in global average temperature to significantly below 2°C, if possible to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels...What does this plan - if successful - mean for the evolution of glaciers?"

"One kilogram of CO2 emitted costs 15 kilograms of glacier ice."

"Whether the average temperature rises by 2 or only 1.5°C makes no significant difference for the development of glacier mass loss over the next 100 years"

"...That means: more than a third of the glacier ice that still exists today in mountain glaciers can no longer be saved even with the most ambitious measures."

"However, looking beyond the current century, it does make a difference whether the 2 or 1.5°C goal is achieved."

"...(current) greenhouse gas emissions have already triggered changes that can no longer be stopped. This also means that our current behaviour has an impact on the long-term evolution of the glaciers..."


The Bottom Line

This data tells us we are experienceing the loss of cold, of glaciers, permafrost, and alpine environments because of our much earlier carbon production, which we are only seeing and feeling today, and will continue to experience tomorrow.
Our current and near-future trajectory of temp rise are locked in, as we continue to grow more and relentlessly add yet more irresponsible growth to expand our earlier carbon production.

Two Degrees Locked In

Therefore, nothing, none of our carbon "reductions" we execute right now will prevent our self-created fate from fullfilling itself: we are just along for the ride at this point in time. We have already altered the climate, and now everything else is adjusting to those changes.

Our current levels of consumption and production are what have already unhinged our planet's climate and environments. Every day we continue to do what we are doing continues to assure the brutally hot and dry fate of our future. We must not grow our carbon production beyond this point, but significantly reduce it.

That means ending immigration and offshoring NOW, as these are by far the two biggest drivers of our whole planet's degradations.

Adding one more person to our population assures our carbon production, and all the dire consequences attatched to it, will all continue to grow larger. Reducing our population will multiply, and finally make effective, all the effects of all our carbon reduction programs.

Otherwise our, "corporate leader's," fake environmental policies, pacts, and programs are equal to nothing less than pissing into a strong wind.

That's the bottom line: Population Growth is Death for Man & Nature, and must be stopped in the United States right now.



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