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End of The Age of Humans: Human Effects Equal Chicxulub Climate Disruption | High Sierra Backpacker

End of The Age of Humans: Human Effects Equal Chicxulub Climate Disruption

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 29 March 2019


MARCH 29, 2019

First Glimpses into the Deadly Minutes Following, 'Dinosaur-Killer,' Chicxulub Impact

"A tangled mass of freshwater fish, terrestrial vertebrates, trees, branches, logs, marine ammonites and other marine creatures was all packed into this layer by the inland-directed surge..." below



Original Research


The Age of Humans

Human Effects Equal Chicxulub Climate Disruption

The 5 degrees of meteor-induced warming that took out the dinosaurs took 100,000 years to recover,
Science Daily, May 24, 2018.

I long ago wrote that we humans were having an effect on the Earth equilivant to a, "big rock from space," striking our planet. It now seems a very long time ago, that I wrote this.

The years that have passed since I wrote that, until now, are a mere fraction of a second in the bigger scale of, "climate time," and much less than a milli-second in the scale of,  "geological time."

It looks to me like the science of climate archechology, of the history of the very long and clear relationship between our planet's various methods for physically producing carbon dioxide, and that relationship with the fundamental status of the cycles of atmosphere, oceans, and ice, are finally coming into a perfectly fatal agreement, as the clear relationship between the behaviors of all three comes into clearer and clearer view.

This can be seen as the research results of the various arts and sciences assigned to tracking weather, climate, ecology, and everything connected to this fundamental relationship, each gives us a blow-by-blow observation of the breakdown of the relationship of living things with the ancient, traditional patterns and cycles of weather.

Humans are equal to The Big Volcano and The Big Rock from Space?

The Existential Zone

 The basic contention of the research at the top of the page above, is that the Chicxulub impact raised global temperatures by about five degrees in seconds, while humans are doing exactly the same thing over a course of a couple of centuries. The former meteor-strike happened during the blink of an eye of man, while the latter, the behavior of Mankind raising global temps five degrees, is happening during a span that's no more than the blink of the eyes for nature.

Independent of the causes of the independent inceptions of these disastrous temperature increases, both similar-scale heating "events" will both take about the same time, 100,000 years, to dispel, for "normal" conditions uninfluenced by the disruptions, to return. The dinosaur's journey is mostly long-gone and over (except for the birds...), while ours is just beginning.

Happy Trails! See yall in a hundred thousand years... maybe.

Maybe only the, "bird people," will be carrying our flag then...


200,000 Year, "Recovery?"



Climate: "Existential Threat" by 2050

New climate risk classification: "Beyond Catastrophic"




Formation of Peak Ring Figured-Out

Crater that killed the dinosaurs reveals how broken rocks can flow like liquid,
Purdue University, October 24, 2018.





Tsunami-Like Wave Left Killing Field 66 Million Years Ago
Tsunami-Like Wave Left Killing Field 66 Million Years Ago, Graphic courtesy of Robert DePalma, UC Berkeley.

A meteor impact 66 million years ago generated a tsunami-like wave in an inland sea that killed and buried fish, mammals, insects and a dinosaur (Triceratops), the first victims (we've found) of a cataclysm that led to Earth's last mass extinction. The death scene from within an hour of the impact has been excavated at an unprecedented fossil site in North Dakota. Graphic courtesy of Robert DePalma, University of California - Berkeley.


Stunning discovery offers glimpse of minutes following 'dinosaur-killer' Chicxulub impact,
University of Kansas, March 29, 2019.


“...a scientific first: a detailed snapshot of the terrible moments right after the Chicxulub impact -- the most cataclysmic event known to have befallen life on Earth.”

"...creatures that lived in and around a deeply chiseled river connected to the ancient Western Interior Seaway -- that were killed suddenly in events triggered by the Chicxulub impact."



66-million-year-old deathbed linked to dinosaur-killing meteor,
University of California - Berkeley, March 29, 2019.


"The heaving sea turned into a 30-foot wall of water when it reached the mouth of a river, tossing hundreds, if not thousands, of fresh-water fish -- sturgeon and paddlefish -- onto a sand bar and temporarily reversing the flow of the river. Stranded by the receding water, the fish were pelted by glass beads up to 5 millimeters in diameter, some burying themselves inches deep in the mud. The torrent of rocks, like fine sand, and small glass beads continued for another 10 to 20 minutes before a second large wave inundated the shore and covered the fish with gravel, sand and fine sediment, sealing them from the world for 66 million years."



Fossilized Fish Killed by Chicxulub
Fossilized Fish Killed by Chicxulub, Photo courtesy of Robert DePalma, UCB.
Fossilized fish piled one atop another, suggesting that they were flung ashore and died stranded together on a sand bar after the wave from the seiche withdrew, Photo courtesy of Robert DePalma, UCB.


Bottom LIne

Patterns of Destruction
Shock waves were disseminating around the world from the meteor strike point and causing destruction dependent on the material it was crossing, be it water or earth, the shape of that terrain it was crossing, and the types of life that terrain held. After the effects of the initial shock waves, the planet was left with quite a diversity of wreakage, that would soon burn.

Shocking, I Say
That the shock waves both carried the water that deposited all these fish, and was lined-up with the terrain in such a way to preserve them, then buried them for us to find now, is remarkably, "lucky." That luck has provided us with a remarkable porthole, a glimpse of the power unleashed by what is likely the greatest disaster that has ever befallen our planet.

Wow. And I have always believed the West Coast earthquakes I've experienced had presented some remarkable scales of power, but they pale in comparison to Chicxulub.

Here & Now Hazards
Around here at this particular point in time I keep a close eye on the web-work of California's Faults wrapping around me, but also keep a keen interest in the Cascadia Subduction Zone, the only thing around here, now, that comes a few steps closer to the magnitude of an event like Chicxulub than the average West Coast earthquake...

...except maybe a,  "Mt. St. Helens," going off every now and again. So, Ranier, Shasta, Mammoth and Long Valley all stick up like sore thumbs through our web-work of West Coast geological sesimic hazards that are capable of popping-off some incredible levels of energy.


Geology News: Cascadia Subduction Zone Ready to Let Go


When Was That?

Geological Time Scales, US Geo Society.

Geo Time Scales, Wiki.



Academic Response

Astonishment, skepticism greet fossils claimed to record dinosaur-killing asteroid impact,
Science, April 1, 2019.

Scientific Community responds to paper above.






More Recently

Humans Ended the Cycle of Ice Ages before Modern Technology
Ancient Farmers ENDED Earth's Cycle of Ice Ages,
Humans now creating a Hothouse Earth.



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Mathematics predicts a sixth mass extinction




The Bottom LIne

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