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The Farce Continues: India, China, & Brazil Exempt from, Environmental “Pacts,”

The Farce Continues: India, China, & Brazil Exempt from, Environmental “Pacts,”

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 03 April 2019



Forest Restoration Agreement Map
 A World of Opportunity (World Resource Institute, 2011).

Restoration opportunity map across 43 tropical and sub-tropical countries. Data source: Minnemeyer, S., et al. Bonn Challenge: A World of Opportunity (World Resource Institute, 2011). Big Map.


The Farce Continues: India, China, & Brazil Exempt from, “Pacts,”
Cheating Forest Pact all the Way to Environmental Destruction


Restore natural forests to meet global climate goals,
University College London, April 2, 2019.


The Failing Farce
“International plans to restore forests to combat global warming are flawed and will fall far short of meeting 1.5C climate targets...”

The Plan
Restore Natural Forests
“...43 tropical and sub-tropical countries -- where trees grow fast -- have signed up to restoration commitments, many as part of the Bonn Challenge that aims to restore 350 million hectares of forest. Together, those countries, which include Brazil, India and China, have already committed to restore 292 million hectares of forest.”

The Reality
Tree Plantations
“...almost half (45%) of the vast areas that countries have pledged are set to become plantations of commercial trees, a move which will seriously reduce expected carbon uptake and prevent agreements to curb climate change being met.”

The Farce
"There is a scandal here. To most people forest restoration means bringing back natural forests, but policy makers are calling vast monocultures 'forest restoration'. And worse, the advertised climate benefits are absent."

The Plan
“…restoring natural forests over 350 million hectares of land removes 42 billion tonnes of carbon by 2100...”

The Reality
“...if commercial monocultures were planted across 100% of the area just 1 billion tonnes of carbon is sequestered. ”

"The reason plantations are so poor at storing carbon is that they are harvested every decade or so, meaning all the carbon stored in the trees goes back into the atmosphere, as the plantation waste and the wood products - mostly paper and chipboards - decompose. “

Farce Upon Farce
"Of course, new natural forests alone are not sufficient to meet our climate goals. Emissions from fossil fuels and deforestation must also stop. Other ways to remove carbon from the atmosphere are also needed. But, no scenario has been produced that keeps climate change below dangerous levels without the large-scale restoration of natural forests.”


Bottom LIne

The Farce
No scenario that preserves the rapid rate of expanding population and production in the US, and its subordinate manufacturing slave countries, has a chance of a snowball in hell of doing anything but continuing the acceleration of the destruction of our atmosphere, environment, weather, and ecosystems we are witnessing.

Expected Outcome
Thus this outcome revealed in the research above, of the cheating and failure of the, “corporate green’s,” already insufficient environmental, “pacts,” is typical and should be expected of all the efforts of the Fake Greens running these, “Corporate Environmentalism,” scams. Paris, Koyoto, and all the activity of the Corporate Greens are doing nothing more than distracting our citizens from ever really and effectively addressing the causes of our environmental destruction.

Real & Effective Environmentalism
Real and effective environmental policy would dismantle the Corporate Growth Machine of Death, which would remove a big chunk of the power and wealth of the scammers running it. They, our greedy corporate elite and their minions, will do anything to prevent that.

Farce Pacts
That’s why all of our corporate, “environmental,” Pacts, treaties, and agreements all exempt China, India, and Brazil from any meaningful pollution-control obligations, while pushing hard for the radical expansion of all the populations around the world that consume the products produced in the, “pollution-control free,” regulatory frameworks that our corporate elite setup, and protect, in China, India, and Brazil.

Those are the reasons why they moved our manufacturing there, to avoid the cost of responsibility.

A State of Contradiction
Our leaders are actually pushing policies of the never-ending expansion of populations, production, profits and power that have already destabilized our climate and ecology, while claiming they are, “environmentalists.”

Our corporate elite are either pursuing one (environmentalism) or the other (unrestricted greed) of these mutually exclusive processes, as they lie to us about being both. They have constructed and present an image of the former, as they pursue the latter.

“Corporate Environmentalism”
Protecting Corporate Profit & Pollution Centers
In other words, all our global pacts are designed to protect the biggest polluters in the world, where our corporate leadership moved our manufacturing to enjoy the profits garnered from their lack of pollution control and their near slave-labor populations, both made possible by their tyrannical regimes.

Win! Win! Win!
That’s a, “win-win-win,” for our corporate elite that they are not going to give up, even if it has already destroyed our ancient climate and weather. They are running this horse straight into the ground, in service to their desires for wealth and power.

Failure as Design Feature
Thus, these, “environmental,” pacts were designed to fail, to continue justifying and protecting these very same corporate profits generated through the destruction of our environment and our values, while presenting the image of, “environmental responsibility.” This is a brilliant deception, even if it is downright evil…

Brilliant Propaganda
The Nationalists Nazis of the past had nothing, no advantage on or over our generation’s Corporate Nazis, in the propaganda department...

The Truth Hurts
If anyone is really watching this farce of, “corporate environmentalism,” closely, they know they are watching a brand of, “environmentalism,” that has protected all the abuses that’ve finished off our ancient climate & weather, and are driving us further into a dark future.

Corrupted, Lying, Stupidity
Any observer that expected any other outcome than this cheating of, and failure of all of these pacts, to reach any of their goals, then you are either corrupted by the money you are making off the destruction of our planet, lying to yourself, or just plain stupid.

Most likely all three, judging by the content of our culture’s current self-characterization as, "consumers..."

I'm a Citizen of our Lost Republic, not a consumer of this corporate empire.



Fix This Farce

Real Tariffs
The only way to Save our Planet’s ancient and traditional weather and its associated ecology, is to Stop Irresponsible Growth EVERWHERE, while Prohibiting Polluters and Slave-Labor Tyrannical States from participating in any aspect of trade with the United States.


Failure of Corporate Greens Paris, & Lies


The Fake Environmentalists have Failed


We Need a New Environmentalism






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