October 2018: The Blob is Back?

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 28 October 2018


Feeling Blobbish?

The Massive Anomaly 'Blob' in The Pacific Is Back And Might Bring Even More Strange Weather,
Science Alert, October 18, 2018.


“...unsure whether the blob will remain a fixture or fade away. If it manages to linger into the winter, the consequences for the Lower 48 could be profound.”


The Bottom Line

During the height of the Blob in ‘15 we had the most profound drought in recorded history in California, while at the same time the most powerful El Nino in recorded history was bubbling along in the East-Central Pacific… which was supposed to bring tropical deluge...

This driest year in California of 2015 was rapidly followed by the wettest year of 2017.

The actual weather, “predictions,” for California and the Sierra are not for weather to be, “dry,” or “wet,” or “hot” or “cold,” but for our weather to bounce between extremely wet and dry, to bounce between extremely hot and cold, as we’ve been seeing it powerfully swinging between increasingly radical extremes over the past ten years, as we gradually realize that the wild ride we’ve taken during the previous forty years of wildly irresponsible and very destructive, “growth,” has seriously damaged our planet and everything on it.

The Blob, the persistent High Pressure Ridge, the series of super El Ninos and the powerful La Nina we are still experiencing the tail-end of, are each (just a few of the many) manifestations of the vast physical imbalance between the natural temperature of everything, and the massive extra heating our atmosphere is absorbing, and forcing into everything.

This imbalance is driving extreme weather as our ever increasing temperatures are working through, and changing the seasonal cycles of our atmosphere, our oceans, of our land and Ice.

These imbalances have affected the length of Summer and Winter, of the timing of the first rains and the Spring Thaw. These fundamental changes in the timing of life are disrupting the lives of all things dependent on the health and fertility of our ecosystems, which is everything.

Everything is changing rapidly and radically.


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Heck, I still see the cold water churn of the La Nina operating...

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