July’s, “Bay-Delta Plan,” Reducing California River Water Withdraws, PASSED

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 13 December 2018


July’s, “Bay-Delta Plan,” Reduced River Water Withdraws, PASSED

State board approves controversial river flows. What’s the next step for MID, TID?
Modesto Bee, December 12, 2018.

This article above & below references the Dept of Water Resources, “Bay-Delta Plan,” of last July:
California proposes reducing river flows for farms & cities


“The state board, on a 4-1 vote Wednesday, approved a Bay-Delta plan that includes what the districts consider unacceptable flow requirements for the Tuolumne River, as well as the Stanislaus and Merced rivers, a decision that’s expected to spawn lawsuits in the next 30 days.”

“The MID and TID, and its partner the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, wanted more time for an environmental review on the voluntary settlement negotiated with representatives of the state Department of Fish and Wildlife and Department of Water Resources.”

MID Modesto Irrigation District

TID Turlock Irrigation District

No More Irresponsible Growth is HERE
The Greedy are too Greedy to See IT
“District leaders hope the voluntary agreement will be an alternative to the State Water Resources Control Board plan that’s strongly opposed by water districts, counties and cities in Northern San Joaquin Valley. ”

“I can’t speak for the MID, but it’s likely the TID will be headed to court very soon...(a TID board member.)”

“The MID and TID, and its partner the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, wanted more time for an environmental review on the voluntary settlement negotiated with representatives of the state Department of Fish and Wildlife and Department of Water Resources. Districts opposed to the water board’s plan have 30 days to file court challenges and are not likely to let the deadline pass.”

Corporate Press, Bribed Politicos, & Our Corporate Masters
Want Endless Growth: Thus, this, “Voluntary Settlement.
Their “settlement” continues irresponsible growth from already irresponsible levels of both population and production.

Terms of The “Voluntary Settlement

California unveils $1.7 billion plan for rivers, fish. Will it ward off a water war?
Sac Bee, December 12.

The, "Voluntary Settlement," is an attempt to forestall Dept of Water Resources from adopting, "Bay-Delta Plan," requiring reduced withdraws from California rivers.

At Our Current Levels of Population and Production
“...environmentalists and delta protection groups claimed the additional water in the Tuolumne (the voluntary settlement) proposal amounted to little more than the status quo or would fail to benefit the fish. Some of those same groups don’t think the flow requirements in Bay-Delta plan -- from 30 to 50 percent of natural runoff -- will accomplish much either.”

FISH NEWS: Extinction of Spring-Run Chinook Draws Near

Corporate Greens: Finishing Off California Fish

Salmon Decline Continues Apace Two Articles Spring Run in Feather Hurting & Rearranging the Deck Chairs on the "Eco-tanic"


2018 Fish News: Salmon Going Down, End of the Line Approaches

Scammers Identified
“ “Right now, some of our smarter colleagues are finding out that the voluntary settlement agreements allow for substantially less water than what’s in (the Bay-Delta plan),” said Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, director of Stockton-based Restore the Delta.”


July, 2018

What caused this Revival of California’s Water Wars.

“Bay-Delta Plan”
Finally, A Splash of Water for the Dying Wild Fish
California proposes reducing river flows for farms & cities


August, 2018

2018 California Water Plan Highlights Ongoing Ecological Disaster


Maxium Benefit to Man & Nature

Closing the off the Water Tap while Deporting Cheap Illegal Labor


Political Distraction
Note that Brown’s proposed, and now passed, “Bay-Delta Plan,” reduced river withdraws at exactly the same time he’s trying to open unfettered SoCal access to Nor Cal water with his Devils Straws, to grab the water before it even reaches the Delta…


Both of these Democrat actions, both the Delta Plan and the Devils Straws, are both being taken to advance their program of unfettered illegal growth and development, as the source of all our water, the Sierra Snow Pack, has already radically declined, and is on a very steady path to further radical declines by 2100.

LAST 35 YEARS: As 41% of Snow Disappeared, the Sierras and Rockies Are Shrinking

Everybody knows the water is going away.

Sierra Snowpack Could Drop 79% by End of Century

Real Responsibility
This is the time to stop expanding population and production, not to push both further beyond our environment’s already-breeched sustainable carrying capacity, as Brown and the Dims have already done, and are continuing to do.

The Dem Plan
They pretend to be, “environmentalists,” with the Delta Plan, as their planned Devils Straws will ultimately bypass the Delta, giving them access to the lion’s share of the last remaining water in California. How does that help?

Dim End Game
The Dims have already set up their, “end game,” which is overpopulating (done) SoCal and the Valley (done) into an aridification/drought disaster on a megacity-mega-population scale (approaching), since they have built a population which already exceeds our existing swings in supply.
At a critical future point, during the height of the inevitable continuing drought crisis that their irresponsible growth itself created, the Dems will say, “Oh! Too Bad! But, we have 20 million+ foreigners in LA that have no water, because of the,” drought,” so we must pump all the water they need out of the Northern California’s rivers and The Delta, because growing megacities and outrageous populations are always more important than protecting the lives of the last wild fish, even the sustainability of our Natural Balance, forests, and watersheds, themselves.

The Greed of the Dims will Consume it All.

That’s our Democrat’s, “Green,” future of endless growth.

Bank on It
That’s what they are going to do, with or without the Delta Plan or their Devils Straws. That’s the situation we are running headlong into, a situation that will require desperate water requisitions, and the Dems are knowingly running us down this dead end street.

Into the Wall
Irresponsible, relentless growth at all costs has been the plan up to now, and the Dims are, and will continue this, “strategy,” of massive illegal growth justifying rapidly raping our water resources, while firing-up our oil consumption and CO2 production (illegal driver's licences, among many other sources), as far into the future as they can, until our climate-water system actually, physically collapses.
We will have 70+ millions in California by then, if the Dims get their way, and the massive demographic growth they are driving continues at today’s insane levels, if we don’t stop, and turn it around, right now.

CLIMATE CRASHING POLITICALLY: The Governor of, and for, Endless Growth of OIL CONSUMPTION

Full Speed Development & Growth
The backdrop of our water crisis is illustrated by the Dims having already opened-up a phase of massive and rapid land development and building, a spurt of growth that will require vast, expanding water resources, for residential building, because of the, “housing crisis.” The Dems see no problem in endless growth, because...

DEM Corporate Growth Machine of DEATH
15 "Develop all California like LA & the East Coast," Bills

“I’m a Corporate Green!”
(i.e., a Democrat)
The Dims, “environmentalism,” is a scam to distract those with a conscience, while they strip the state of its remaining natural, social, and human resources for their corporate sponsors, with the help of their endless flow of millions and millions of illegals, who believe, along with the Democrats, that they are all above our most fundamental laws.

Corporate Greens

The root of our problem is that the irresponsible forces of organized greed have over-feed  themselves at the trough of irresponsible, destructive growth and overproduction for our environment. That’s why Mother Nature's Ice and Snow Machines (Sierra and Rockies) are Crashing around us, now damaged to a point of crisis sufficient to threaten our Corporate Growth Machine of Death, which has resparked California's Water Wars.

They will get it all, unless we drive corporate bribery out of politics.

That’s what's already happened to California. We are in the last acts…



Corporate Greens


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