2019 Tree Mortality Report: Forest Succession Underway, Continuing Through 2018

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 12 February 2019


Great Swaths of Ultra-Dry Death Cut the Sierra Forests
 UC Merced
Many trees in the Sierra have died in the past few years because of drought. From, Can our forests survive the next drought? Credit: UC Merced.


Forest Succession Underway, Continuing

Survey Finds 18 Million Trees Died in California in 2018,
US Forest Service, Feburary 11, 2019.


Tree Mortality Continues
“The USDA Forest Service announced today that an additional 18 million trees, mostly conifers, died in California since fall 2017.”

California Count
“Over 147 million trees have died across 9.7 million acres of federal, state, local and private lands in California since the drought began in 2010.”

Over, but Extreme Weather Continues...
“While the 2016-2017 winter officially ended California’s drought, below-average precipitation recorded in 2017-2018 slowed the recovery of the state’s surviving trees.”

Burn it Controlled, Now, before Nature (or PGE) Burns It
“The Forest Service completed approximately 313,000 acres of restoration in 2018, which included over 63,000 acres of prescribed fire—the largest number recorded since the National Fire Plan was implemented in 2001.”

“Years of drought and a bark beetle epidemic have caused one of the largest tree die-offs in state history.”


Recent Tree Mortality News and Reserach

Tree News 2018, Tree Mortality Continues: The Drought "Gone but not Over?"


Dead Tree Count Increases: Tree Mortality Momentum Carries On



The Big View

2019 Water Research: Can our Forests Survive the Next Drought?



Whole Southwest US Going Dry

Climate Change News: Whole Southwest of US Undergoing Aridification

Tree News, Widespread Pinyon Pine Mortality Throughout Much of the Southwestern U.S.

Observing the Decline of the Doomed Forests in the Southwestern US


On the Water-Starved Colorado River, Drought Is the New Normal



Sierra Nevada, Too

41% Sierra & Rocky Mountains Snow Pack Loss since ‘82

Sierra Snowpack Could Drop 79% by End of Century

High Sierra & Great Basin Transforming from Seasonal to Ephemeral Snow Pack


Tree News, Dire Warning for California Plants: Half of You are Dead by 2100



This Whole Thing is Changing, Especially Forests…
and everything connected to & with them...

Northwestern Forest Succession Underway Under Our Changing Climate

TREE & CLIMATE NEWS: High Sierra Forest Succession Disaster Looms


Global Warming Increases the Risk of an Extinction Domino Effect



Count & Amount


“Over 147 million trees have died across 9.7 million acres of federal, state, local and private lands in California since the drought began in 2010.” (cited above)



27 million more Dead Trees
Dead Tree Count Increases: Tree Mortality Momentum Carries On
(note mortality continued after the extreme snowfall of 2017)


“...over 102 million on 7.7 million acres of California’s drought stricken forests.”



A Quick Look at the Recent Past

From One Extreme to the Other, Rapidly

Feb of 2016
Driest Ever


Feb of 2017
Wettest Ever


Feb of 2018
Weak Winter, saved by cool Spring...


Feb of 2019
Coming on Strong. Back to extremes?





Two Major
Backpacker Safety Threats

The High Probability of Fire & Smoke

Snags: Camp, Trail, Cross Country and River Crossing




Earlier Tree Mortality News & Research

A Global Problem


California: 102 million dead trees


Big Fire Danger


Drought Killing Trees

Drought Killing Trees



Tree Mortality

Forest Service California Tree Mortality


Forest Service
Pacific Southwest Research Station
Tree Mortality in California


Tree Mortality Task Force



And Finally,


The Bottom Line

ECO-CRASH NEWS: One Politician Finally Admits 7 Degrees by 2100




Forest, Trees, & Plant News, Winter of '19


February 2019 Trail News





Nature News


Climate Destruction News



Bee News

Bear News

Spider Forum

Bird News

Small Mammals

Frogs and Reptiles

Butterfly News


Health and Fitness

Mountain Safety

Mosquito News

Female Trail

High Sierra History


Astro-Phys, Space, & Science News

High Sierra Geology News

Fish, Oceans, & Water News



All High Sierra News





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