California Democrats Must Stop Putting Oil Industry Over Water?

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 29 October 2018


Democrats Poisoning our Land, Water, and People for Political Bribes & Power

California (Dem Appointed…) Water Officials Must Stop Putting Oil Industry Over Water,
Water Deeply, October 25, 2018.


Democratic” Bribery in Action
"State regulators have allowed the oil industry to dump waste fluid in unlined pits for decades. Even amid proof that this practice has polluted groundwater, officials continue to grant the industry a pass on cleanup requirements.”

Bribery Always Wins…
"Too often, protecting California’s precious groundwater clashes with the interests of the oil industry. Due to its outsized political influence, oil frequently wins out."

“ the Central Valley, where many oilfield operators are dumping their toxic oil-waste fluid into open, unlined pits.”

Dangers? Really!
"...risk contaminating the underlying groundwater with chemicals that make us sick. In fact, in 2015 an independent scientific panel recommended that California phase out the use of these disposal pits, citing their danger to groundwater."

Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board; Appointed by the Governor

Bribery in Action
“...Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board – an agency tasked with safeguarding the region’s water resources – still allows this dangerous practice.”

Owned by the Oil Company Bribes
"Worse, the board adopted a rule last year that allows oil companies to continue dumping fracking waste into these pits for as long as three years after the state prohibited this unsafe practice. Inexplicably, the board justified this needless and dangerous grace period by complaining that the practice was too widespread to ask the oil industry to stop."

Allowing Business to Bribe Politicians is Dangerous
"In 2017, the board sided with the oil industry when it declined to take any action against the operator of an unlined pit in Edison that has caused documented groundwater contamination."

Make the Bribed Officials who allowed it, and their families, Drink It
"After allowing the dumping of toxic wastewater for decades, water board staff reported that the wastewater had seeped into the groundwater below."

Buttonwillow Says, “Thanks, Jerry!”
"...a toxic plume beneath a set of pits has polluted multiple sources of groundwater being used for water-supply wells near the Kern County town of Buttonwillow. The pits receive wastewater from the South Belridge oil field, one of the most heavily fracked fields in the state."

How Much Damage have Corrupted Democrats Done?
"...the discharged wastewater contains incredibly hazardous chemicals, including dangerous levels of cancer-causing benzene. The contamination has spread for more than 2 miles underground. Groundwater that had been suitable for municipal and agricultural use is now unsuitable for both. And the true extent of the damage is yet to be determined."

"Water boards are supposed to be water protectors, not polluter defenders. Toxic oil-waste pits are wholly incompatible with water safety and conservation, and they must be shut down."

by Hollin Kretzmann,
The Center for Biological Diversity


The Bottom Line

Our political parties are throughly infested with bribery and corruption, and are not fit to represent American Citizens, nor regulate our affairs, until they are throughly reformed to reflect the popular will through our Constitutional lens, rather than the desires of our criminal corporate elite, all all the rest of their allies who put themselves above our laws & constitution...

Until that time, the main political parties and their corrupt governments will continue to be agents of the destruction of our Rights, so they can more effectively steal our Wealth, and finally, to misuse their ill-gotten power of our Nation, against its own principals, to torment the world, all of which corruptions have seriously damaged our physical Environment and our ethical and spiritual identity.

Dishonorable Democrats
California Democrats' bribery by oil industy (and evey other corporation or greedy person with two dollars to rub together in front of their faces) is a serious detriment to our democracy, public health, and what's left of our honor as Americans.

The only thing this article does not tell us, is that the open political bribery and corruption that infests our polity, and has neutralized our free press, is exactly what's at work preserving the ability of the oil companies to profit at the expense of the public's health, wealth, and the destruction of the natural beauty and resources of this once Golden State...

We've been hijacked by cheaters, by the corrupted forces of  organized greed forming our criminal corporate elite, and using our own stolen wealth to take away our fundamental rights and responsibilities as Americans.


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