Brown signs bills blocking Trump Offshore Drilling Plan

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 10 September 2018


California Blocks Federal Offshore Drilling

Gov. Brown signs bills to block Trump's offshore oil drilling plan,
LA-LA Land Times, September 8, 2018.

This article shows Jerry Brown pointing out his own hypocrisy, how his fundamental programs of endless growth into California, and endless offshoring of our manufacturing to China, both demand more and more oil for more and more, “consumers,” here in California, while his offshoring all our manufacturing to China has not only broken our environment, but gutting California’s manufacturing broke our middle class, too.


“Gov. Jerry Brown on Saturday signed two bills that would block new offshore oil drilling in California by barring the construction of pipelines, piers, wharves or other infrastructure necessary to transport the oil and gas from federal waters to state land.”

“Today, California’s message to the Trump administration is simple: Not here, not now,” Brown said in a statement. “We will not let the federal government pillage public lands and destroy our treasured coast.”

(Jerry & the Dims do that in California...)

"...69% of California residents oppose more drilling off their coast. Both the Republican and Democratic candidates vying to be the next governor have declared that the state's commitment to block new offshore drilling would not change under their leadership."

“The state has not issued a new offshore oil and gas lease since the devastating 1969 spill in Santa Barbara turned public sentiment against offshore drilling. In 1994, the state Legislature passed the California Coastal Sanctuary Act, which prohibits new leasing in state waters.”

“...the Trump administration proposing to open vast areas off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts to oil and gas exploration and drilling through a leasing program beginning as early as 2019, state leaders say California is waking up to a new reality.”

Jerry Brown's Legasy:


Stuff the State full of "Consumers," Drill for Oil Everywhere, and ship the State's Water to fill SoCal with millions and millions of more "consumers"

So, Jerry is for drilling more and more oil in Calfornia lands for the ever-increasing populations he’s actively stuffing into California, while at exactly the same time he says offshore drilling is bad.

Jerry talks out of both sides of his mouth.

Save our Ecology
Personally, I’m for capping and shrinking our population as the first steps towards rebuilding the vast majority of our nation’s wealth into the middle class, as we return responsible manufacturing to the US, while responsibly moving to renewable energy. The first step is to stop growing our already unsustainable population even larger!

I’m for balance first, then instituting logical and sensible reductions and efficiencies into creating sustainable energy and water systems.

The corporate-corrupted Democrats bring neither to California. Their program of endless growth has destabilized both our water and energy systems, as well as our weather.

Pushing back destruction requires we build, “green” and, “middle class,” tariff walls capable of defending the environment and the middle class here in the US and California against environmentally filthy Chinese quasi-slave labor. This requires California going in exactly the opposite direction than Jerry Brown and the Democrat’s program of endless massive population growth of cheap, subsidized labor here feeding a never-ending increase in Chinese manufacturing have taken us.

The Dims are one of the, “political wings,” of the Corporate Growth Machine of Death. The Repugnants are the Right Wing, while the Dems comport themselves into the Left wing of the Corporate Growth Machine of Death. Their whole blasted party system is held together by greed, corruption, chewing gum, and lies.

Our corporate elite sponsors and controls both parties, so they can’t lose…
(see Pretty Pretty Gavin Newsom)

Both immigration and offshoring have to stop now for our traditional, ancient environment and its entwined ecosystems to survive, for them & us see the year 2100 with any chance of a natural future...

The end of, “globalism,” ending the massive concentrations of poverty-stricken industrial populations, and ending the movement and concentration of exactly such concentrations are clearly the policies demanded by the gravity of our situation.
Crushing immigration and offshoring are the only real policy changes that actually directly attack the fountainheads, the sources of our planet’s environmental destruction.
Ending the physical growth by ending immigration, and curbing the physical output of pollution by tariffing China’s environmentally unregulated manufacturing will be a great blow to American corporation’s Greed and Corruption being satisfied by unregulated environmental destruction, and qusi-slave Chinese peasant labor.

Our corporate rich will become much less rich, as the wealth they’ve stolen from the middle class seeps back to its rightful owners...

Allowing our corporate elite to steal the wealth of our middle class using immigration and offshoring, substantially by profiting off China’s environmental and labor abuses, has not just had the effect of destroying our climate and crashing global ecosystems, but the draining of the American middle class using foreigners has so enriched the top twenty percent of our population that it’s twisted and corrupted our domestic political and social ethics, meaning that the effects have gone much deeper than the physical effects of just raping our environment, but our thoughtless pursuit of wealth and power has seriously damaged, and twisted the spirit of our people and the behavior of their government into a malign entity. Our government and its acts must be recast in alignment with American ethics, and broken from the corrupt control of our greedy corporate elite, as it’s composed and used for evil today.

Our corporate political elite has openly disengaged themselves from any adherence to any ideals or principals (our Constitution, having borders, the notion of a, “country.”) that impede their membership in some kind of global corporate aristocracy.

This is the machine our corporate elite has used to drain the world.

These are the perspectives and policies of real greens, not the fake corporate greens who are profiting from both global exploitation and its, “green” mediation, these are the scammers making money on both sides of the deal, making money off of the endless growth that’s destroying our climate, and from, “remediating,” the destruction they cause!

If we address the fundamental real sources of our environmental breakdown, we’ll start with the corporate and individual greed driving the corruption of our polity, and we’ll see that this results in unsustainable megacites filled with poverty, greed, and crime growing up and down our coasts and valleys.

That’s not any American’s goal for their country...

Now that greed and corruption have failed, let’s try being Americans, and following our own principals, rather than the greed, corruption, and lies of the corporates that’ve smashed our ecology. Let’s end the irresponsible growth and offshoring, and rebuild a stable middle class as the holder of the majority of our nation’s wealth. This, and other steps towards a sustainable society and ecology are impossible as long as corporate bribery controls politics. And, the, “status quo,” as it sits now, is killing our country and our planet.

Living up to our own principals is the solution to all our problems.

Doubling our state’s population again, over the next fifty years as we did during the last fifty, is going to bring unprecedented disasters to California’s already degraded society and its already crashing ecology. Especially if most of the population growth puts themselves and their self-interests above our laws, as the Mexican and Democrats are clearly doing.

The two greatest environmental accomplishments for saving the world’s natural climate and ecology will be ending American immigration and offshoring as soon as humanly possible. Those are the two greatest forces of environmental destruction operating in the world today.

Balancing-out the United States’ population will cap consumption. Imposing heavy environmental and labor/social fairness tariffs on China & India will act like a, “carbon tax,” without having the liability of tainted, corrupted, “carbon markets’, seemingly justifying production/consumption & population expansion. These two actions, accompanied by a strong domestic regime of environmental regulations will allow global carbon consumption to plunge as the quality of life of the American middle class rises…

And, we’d watch middle classes bloom all over the world, led by a resurgent American democracy that achieved its ideals by curbing and controlling its traitor corporate elite...

That’s how’d you act, if you were an, “American Green.”

The Democrats say that endless unrestricted population growth and offshoring our manufacturing to China is, “Green,” and they’ve been saying that for decades as the quality of our lives and our environment have collapsed around us.

Who do you believe?




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Jerry Brown's Legasy

Stuff the State full of "Consumers," Drill for Oil Everywhere, and ship the State's Water to fill SoCal with millions and millions of more "consumers"

(Ca #1 in US Poverty...)


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