Polar Vortex Sliding off Top of Planet, Arctic Weather Plunges into North America

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 29 January 2019


Polar Vortex Deep-Freezes North America
2019 Broken Polar Vortex Effects, 2-meter air temps, credit to MODIS.
NASA's view of the effects of the Polar Vortex breakdown, via MODIS, Caption 
Darkest Blue on Left: Negative 40 C. Darkest Red on Right: Positive 40 C.


Polar Vortex Sliding off Top of Planet

Arctic Weather Plunges into North America,
NASA Earth Observatory, January 30, 2019.


Broken Polar Vortex
“...disturbances in the jet stream and the intrusion of warmer mid-latitude air masses can disturb this polar vortex and make it unstable, sending Arctic air south into middle latitudes.”

Cold Records Threatened
“...predicting that air temperatures in parts of the continental United States will drop to their lowest levels since at least 1994, with the potential to break all-time record lows for January 30 and 31. With clear skies, steady winds, and snow cover on the ground, at least 90 million Americans could experience temperatures at or below zero degrees Fahrenheit...”

"The map above shows air temperatures at 2 meters (around 6.5 feet above the ground) at 09:00 Universal Time (4 a.m. Eastern Standard Time) on January 29, 2019, as represented by the Goddard Earth Observing System Model, Version 5. GEOS-5 is a global atmospheric model that uses mathematical equations run through a supercomputer to represent physical processes."



Today's Blast from the North

NASA's AIRS Captures Polar Vortex Moving in Over US,
NASA-AIRS-JPL, January 31, 2019.


Northern Polar Vortex Blast from the Past

NASA's AIRS Sees Polar Vortex Behind U.S. Big Chill,
NASA-AIRS-JPL, January 11, 2014.

Blast from the Past
2014 Polar Vortex Video on UTube

So Very Cold
Note the center of the spinning Polar Vortex in the videos are not the North Pole, but the whole of Arctic Atmospheric Rotation is centered above the North end of Hudson's Bay. This current Vortex, like this one from 2014, is not merely a, "lobe," of cold air breaking off the Vortex, and moving South.

The Whole Enchalada
What we are seeing now, and back in 2014, is what happens when the whole Polar Vortex, who's spin is normally centered on the North Pole, slides off the top of the planet and begins rotating around a center above Hudson's Bay.

It brings huge amounts of cold to the South, and warmth to the North...

See the, "Lobe" type of a, "Polar Vortex."


Historical Weakening of Polar Vortex

Polar Vortex Not Spinning Down


Errant Vortex is transporting heat North, as well as cold to the South

Polar Vortex Report, Jan 28



High Altitude Look at the Polar Vortex


10 hPa, roughly 84,998.2 feet of elevation.

A rough table of pressures and altitudes.


A Selection of Weather Maps



Arctic Conditions


Jan 7, 2019 Report

New Year Lows Once Again,




Split Vortex an Example of Global Freak Show Weather Triggered by Global Warming

More persistent weather patterns in US linked to Arctic warming

Arctic Water & Ice News: Fundamental Pattern Changes




The Polar Vortex Has Split, 2019


The Polar Vortex Has Split, 2018

Climate Change, We are Killing the World: Massive 2018 Mid-Winter Arctic Warming


Warm Arctic Chills Dixie? Warming Arctic Channels Frigid Air South

What Happens when You Grow Too Big for your Britches? The Arctic Vortex Weakens!

Traditional Arctic Weather Cycle Gone

Euro Affects

Warmer and Warmer



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Arctic Ice Melting









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NASA, MODIS, observes, polar vortex, freezing, North America, January, 2019


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