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Jerry Brown, Bribed Corporate Tool, UPDATED: Limits PG&E’s liability for Fire Damages | High Sierra Backpacker

Jerry Brown, Bribed Corporate Tool, UPDATED: Limits PG&E’s liability for Fire Damages

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 10 October 2019

Oct 2019 REVIEW of July 2018
The Past Fortells and Explains the Present and shows us the Future....

Jerry Brown Legacy
Burning forests, a Ruined Climate, a Broken Middle Class, Poverty, and Dying Ecosystems 

Our Corrupted Present & Future...
Pretty-Pretty Gavin Newsom: How Our Financial-Political-Social Aristocracy Works

How We Got Here, to
The Great PGE California Power-Down:


Oct 2019 REVIEW
A brief look at our past and present political and press breakdowns into corruption (the page below...) quickly reveals the clear path of greed driving political corruption driving irresponsible growth that's brought California, and the whole world, to our current status of widespread Environmental and Ecosystem Breakdowns, Planet-Wide Chemical Poisoning, highlighted by the rapidly rising forces of yet more Heat, Darkness and Fire.

Baby, you've got to change your evil ways...(Carlos)



How PGE Bribes California Democrats

After Avoiding Safety Upgrades, PG&E Hired Lobbyists and Public Relations Instead,
The Intercept, October 11, 2019.

Describing PGE's deep financial relationship with the Democrat's Corporate Bribery-Influence Peddling Machine, as well as PGE's, "renting,"of national Dem political clout...




July 2018
Good, Let’s Buy their Bankrupt Asses (for Pennies on the Dollar) for a State Public Utility



Original Article

Jerry Brown: Corporate Whore

Jerry Brown’s Plan Lowers PG&E’s Liability for Wildfire Damages,
Sac Bee, July 25, 2018.

About the Article Above:

Here we Are

It’s Taken a Long time to get “here,” where PGE’s blowing up cities and burning down our state is “indemnified” by bribed politicians. It took a lot of bribed politicians to get here...

Deregulated Pirates

The transformation of our State and Nation’s energy markets from regulated, fair, price-and-profit controlled markets to a predatory system of profit extraction at the cost of the general welfare of our citizens was achieved through massive campaigns of political bribery accompanied by massive amounts of political propaganda.

They subverted democratic politics and our Free Press to get, "here."

They’ve done exactly the same thing to our medical “system,” and are working on “privatizing” our schools and roads.

After the energy deregulation scam created “market” conditions that gave the energy industry the ability to loot the public at will, they did.

We watched the politicians and FERC help Enron setup their scam & loot our nation of as much wealth as they possibly could steal, while the politicians and FERC watched them do it, and did nothing, as they stole billions of dollars of citizen wealth.

The Market Final Solution

Rather than providing reliable energy at low cost and low profit, as our national energy grid did under regulated markets, we now have a privatized energy system set up to charge the public as much as they can, to squeeze the highest profits out of the public’s hides as they possibly can. The energy industry paid a lot of bribes to achieve this prize.


This is the plan for schools, roads, medicine, transportation and communication: Our Elite will OWN Everything. Our corporate leaders will loot us at-will for the basic social necessities, and energy is one of the most profitable and important sources of wealth and power for our corporate aristocracy.


Thus the energy companies are “incentivized” by their own greed and corruption to cut corners and sacrifice safety, for that last extra margin of “deregulated” profit. We’ve seen that this “market” approach results in cities blowing up, and us getting to watch PGE set the state of California on fire.

That would be OK with PGE, except they have had to pay for the damages their rapacious pursuit of profits entails. Now, they are working through their bribed tool, Jerry Brown, to “fix” that flaw in their profit model.


This “funding” (bribing) of both political parties by the “energy” interests is what “deregulated” energy markets. It is this bribery that allows us to be ripped-off at will, and political bribery (“contributions?!”) continues to be the method by which “our” politicians are paid to create policy and regulate California’s domestic energy grid.

It is a System of Self-Perpetuating Corruption & Destruction

Destroying regulated national energy markets has allowed the energy industry to loot our nation and state at will, giving them yet more money to further bribe our politicians, and steal yet more of our state and nation’s wealth.

I am not a “Socialist,” nor a, “Marxist,” nor do I bow down to “Markets” or “Capitalism,” nor any Popes nor religions. No, I only bow down to the mutual principals, practices, and restraints of our Constitutional System, which insists that neither Marx, Markets, or Popes be able to impose their will on our citizens, and that we decide public policy by democratic means. The goal is, "The General Welfare." Our Constitutional system is not operative today.

It is not operating in any kind of democratic balance between our Individual Interests and our General Welfare.

Today we watch Marxists, the Markets, and the Pope all interefering in individual citizen’s lives, all attempting to impose their wills on the rest of us, with each of them putting their own “religions” (be it Papism, Marx or the Market…) above the rule of our laws.

Let me clarify our situation:

Happy May Day, Hippies, Commies, Religious, Market, & Marxist Traitors

The bottom-line is that each of us operates as an individual within a group. The current balance between our identities as individuals and as members of the "group," has been completely skewed towards the concepts and practices of individual greed.

To fix this mess we’ve got to stop trying to tell each other what to do while attempting to rip each other off. We need to restore the ethical basis of our mutual obligations. American citizenship is based on the mutual defense of differently-applied individual rights. In short, "I will defend your religion, speech, assembly, gun, identity, and personal practices, if you defend mine, even when I use them very differently that you." All other policy is determined democratically, without the corruption of open bribery we observe today.

We now vie to curb each other's rights under "democratic" forms that run like a cattle auction.

The first and biggest step towards restoring our principals will be to end the ability of our corporate masters to bribe our politicians, and continue their political and economic asset-stripping of our country. The pendulum of politics and power has begun swinging from the side of the greedy, corrupted elites to that of those they've ripped off. I'm not a big fan of either extreme, but I'll enjoy the ride if it runs that far and fast...

At least I know the centerpoint my pendulum arcs across.

The bottom-line is becoming quite stark: to avoid social, political, and environmental chaos, "the extremes," we've got to quickly re-level the political and economic playing fields in California and the US, so they are first fair, and that they fundamentally and honestly adhere to our Constitutional Protections and Principals. No More Cheaters.

This is going to have to happen before we can even begin to expect, "fair," let alone, "good," social, political, or environmental outcomes. We've got to re-affirm our fundamental principals and practices. Oh, and that's not greed, and not cheating. They are our Constitutional ethics that condition and limit the powers of greed and the greedy...


Let’s take a look at the latest damage “our” bribed politicians are trying to do to our State:


Quotes From The Article Above 

Bribes Paid

"...Brown released a proposal Tuesday to reduce PG&E’s legal responsibility for wildfire damages after months of intense lobbying at the California Capitol."

Bribes Paid

"Pacific Gas & Electric Co. and other utility companies have been working the halls of the Capitol for months to persuade legislators to reduce their property damage liability."


“The only reason we’re having this conference committee is because PG&E wants to change the laws they keep breaking,” said state Sen. Jerry Hill, a San Mateo Democrat and fierce opponent of PG&E. “The system is working today.”

Bribes and PGE Victory

"Brown is giving the utilities exactly what they want."

"It says a court would be required to “balance the public benefit of the electrical infrastructure with the harm caused to private property to determine whether the utility acted reasonably.”



The Bottom Line

Let's be clear: this legislation assures that we not only provide them with "profits," but that we pay for their losses. In short, their profits are, "private," while we the public "get" to cover the costs of any potential losses. It's, "socialism," for the risks and losses, while it's, "capitalism," for their private profits...

Brown is protecting his, and the interests of one of the Democrat's Biggest Corporate "Sponsors," PGE being one of their main and most powerful bribers among their "energy" sector-bribers.

This legislative push clearly shows us, once again, that Jerry represents those who bribe him, and in this case that's PGE. Jerry loyally serves the Oil Companies, the Agricultural Interests, and the developers & Bankers who fill the Democrat's pockets with bribes.

Conflicts of Interests
Yes, when a corporation's, "petition," is accompanied by a check, it's not a legit, "petition," but it is a bribe, and no politician should be able to propose or act on legislation when they've been bribed by its "sponsors."

That "process" of bribery hiding as political, "contributions," is a textbook definition of political corruption, and this is exactly how Jerry and the Dims run our state's, "legislature," for their true masters, their, "corporate sponsors."

Jerry's Kids
Our Corporate Masters

Jerry is building the Devil's Straws to serve Southern California's banking & development "interests."

Jerry passed the Gas Tax to serve his construction bribers.

Jerry has now proposed indemnifying PGE for blowing up cities and burning down the State of California to protect their own private profits at the expense of the public.

These "interests" cited above also happen to be the main corporate sponsors bribing and corrupting all of our legislators and our governor.

These are the "interests" whom Jerry represents and serves, and who the Dems in California will continue to serve and represent long after Brown's gone.

This corruption will continue until this open bribery and the open corruption running California politics is finally outlawed, and we finally restore democratic elections and instutions to guide American national politics, as well as California's throughly corrupted "local" politics.

Serving the "general welfare" of our country is the only thing that justifies the position, profits, and prestiege of any elite. "Our" elite does not serve our country's general welfare, let alone obey its fundamental democratic requirements, nor respect the limitations on power as all are defined in our Constitution.



PGE Threatens Bankruptcy






PGE PARASITES: Drain them of Irresponsible Profits then Convert them into a Public Utility



PGE Bribes

Enron's deregulation fight,
Center for Public Integrity, 2003.




Pacific Gas and Electric Company




Oroville Federal Regulators are the same,
"FERC (that) allowed ENRON to turn us upside down and shake all the money out of our pockets"



Jerry Brown's Legasy

Stuff the State full of "Consumers," Drill for Oil Everywhere, and ship the State's Water to fill SoCal with millions and millions of more "consumers"


Burning forests, a ruined climate, a broken middle class, poverty, and dying ecosystems


Jerry Brown: Generations of Corporate Bribery & Corruption


Oroville and Devils Straws Children of the Same Mother: CORRUPTION


Dam Life: The Life & Times of Oroville Dam



Jerry Serves his Corporate Bribers

Jerry Brown betrays our health, wealth, and safety to profit his corporate bribers






Good, Let’s Buy them for a State Public Utility for Pennies on the Dollar

PG&E posts $1 billion loss as debate rages over wildfire claims,
Sac Bee, July 26, 2018.


"PG&E Corp. announced a loss of nearly $1 billion due to wildfire claims..."

"The utility’s chief executive, Geisha Williams, immediately pounced on the huge loss as evidence that the Legislature must act. Current law “is unsustainable and is already having very real consequences.”"

"...she wants the Legislature to do more to shield PG&E and other utilities from wildfire claims."

"PG&E has been lobbying the Legislature and Brown’s office for months on the issue, arguing that climate change makes massive wildfires almost inevitable in the years to come."


One Foundation
The bottom line here is that the only entity capable of shouldering the responsibility for any major disaster is our body politic itself, composed of the wealth and taxing power of the citizens of the State of California.

The Public Good
This is the same, "entity," composed of the wealth of our citizens, that always takes ultimate responsibility for Major Fires, Earthquakes, Droughts, & every other kind of Disaster, as well as the general conduct of medical, educational, and communication services, especially anytime, "shit hits the fan." The "bill" is always put onto the public when the "private" fails…as PGE & Enron screwed us in 2000, and how PGE is doing right now, after setting a big chunk of our state on fire.

Don't make any mistake, "private owners" will sacrifice your health, safety, and lives for the extra profits of deferred maintenance. We've seen it with nukes, gas pipes, chemical trains, and power lines in windstorms...

Feeling Lucky?
They, the owners of PGE, should feel privileged to be able to have an energy system capable of producing the revenue to cover its liabilities. If the current management-ownership is not up to this level of responsibility, they should be replaced forthwith.

If the public is going to ultimately hold the bill, then the public should also own, and hold the “reigns,” the ownership and profits (garner a low-cost service, a public benefit), along with the ultimate responsibility.

What we're seeing here, with PGE once again, is our corporate elite trying to, "collect the creme," garner the profits during good times, while putting the ultimate responsibility & liability on to the body politic and individual when the inevitable bad times come.

The Basics
This situation demonstrates why public utilities must be publicly-owned (and run by private professionals!, for a reasonable cut of the "non-profit," take. Say, costs plus 8%.) I’d have to opt for professional management, as opposed to allowing our corrupted politicians have any say over management.

It’s time to restore the “modern” version of the, “Public Commons,” and establish public utility, non-profit status for all the basic public "necessaries," being energy, communication, education, transportation, and medicine.

Let’s stop being ripped off for the very basics...then having to pay again when they asset-strip the infrastructure or burn everything down. This is called, serving the, "General Welfare," of our citizens and our society, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept.








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PGE political bribery Jerry Brown’s plan lowers PG&E’s liability for wildfire damages


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