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Brazil Mosquitoes Defeat Genetic Manipulation

Brazil Mosquitoes Defeat Genetic Manipulation

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 18 September 2019



Aedes aegypti
Aedes aegypti is a mosquito that can cause yellow fever. (James Gathany - CDC - PHIL, Public Domain, Wikipedia Commons)
Aedes aegypti is a mosquito that can cause yellow fever. UC Davis scientists developed a map of where flaviviruses — those spread by mosquitoes and ticks — are likely to emerge. (James Gathany - CDC - PHIL, Public Domain, Wikipedia Commons)


Screwing with Nature Blows Up in Brazil's Face...

Failed GM mosquito control experiment may have strengthened wild bugs,
New Atlas, September 12, 2019.


(Disputed Research)

Cause & Effect
"One of the most innovative ideas to control populations of the bugs has been to release genetically modified male mosquitoes that produce unviable offspring. But unfortunately a test of this in Brazil appears to have failed, with genes from the mutant mosquitoes now mixing with the native population."

The Experiment
"Male Aedes aegypti mosquitoes were genetically engineered to have a dominant lethal gene."

"...around 450,000 modified males were released...every week for 27 months, totaling tens of millions of bugs."

"To keep tabs on them, the Yale team studied the genomes of both the GM strain and the wild species before the release, then again six, 12 and 27 to 30 months after the release began."

"...since the offspring don’t live long enough to breed themselves, genes from the engineered bugs should stay neatly out of the gene pool of the wild population. The only visible effect should be the reduction of mosquito populations."

Disturbing Results
More Superbugs?
"...around the city of Jacobina, Brazil, where the largest test of this technique has taken place over the last few years. Not only did numbers bounce back up in the months after the test, but some of the native bugs, they found, had retained genes from the engineered mosquitoes."

"While populations did drop initially, numbers did bounce back after about 18 months."

"...the genetic experiment may have had the opposite effect and made mosquitoes even more resilient. The bugs in the area are now made up of three strains mixed together: the original Brazilian locals, plus strains from Cuba and Mexico – the two strains crossed to make the GM insects. This wider gene pool could make the mozzies more robust as a whole."

"It’s unclear exactly what effect this will have on disease transmission or other control methods."


Attacking Skeeter Genes
Recent Research

Nov 2017
Making mosquitoes self-destruct


Oct 2017
Mosquitoes Resist Genetic Manipulation


Nov 2015
Mutagenic chain reaction could knock malaria out of mosquitoes for good


Nov 2015
Ecology: A world without mosquitoes
"Views differ on what would happen if that biomass vanished. Bruce Harrison, an entomologist at the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources in Winston-Salem estimates that the number of migratory birds that nest in the tundra could drop by more than 50% without mosquitoes to eat."



Our previous failures to eliminate skeeters chemically have strengthened mosquitoes externally, pushing them to develop various resistances to our ever-widening range of insecticides.

Our latest failures to eliminate mosquitoes through genetic manipulation have strengthened them internally, causing them to form genetic responses to our genetic manipulations who's consequences are completely unknown and could be disastrous.

Mosquito selection and mutation under these genetically-modified conditions is surviving, and trying to produce a superbug as quickly as it can.

Proper Control & Defense
We need to modify our urban environments to make them as unfriendly to skeeter breeding as possible, then understand we need to use the proper combinations of chemicals, clothing, and netting to keep us safe from these now rapidly spreading skeeters. Defense is vital, as these Northward Bound skeeters are bringing lots of tropical diseases further North than they, or the skeeters that carry them, have ever been, and further North every year.

Expanding Skeeter World
The spread of skeeters and their diseases indicate the skeeters are winning the war we humans have declared upon them. Ironically, our heating up our planet has, and is continuing to open-up vast new territories that the skeeters are rapidly speading into, around the world, vastly expanding their range and numbers. The ironic part is that we are simultanously attacking them with increasingly deadly new technologies.

Global Mosquito Movement

Rising Tide of Skeeter Victory
It looks like our contradictory effects on mosquito populations, comprised of transforming the world into a much warmer and mosquito-friendly place, as we attack them with the most sophisticated weapons we have, is having the net effect of delivering much more of a beneficial than detrimental effect on global, national, and local skeeter populations, and the diseases they carry.

Exposure to Deadly Aedes Mosquitoes & their Diseases Doubling with Global Warming

Skeeter Defenses
Backpacking and Mosquitoes




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