Hunting Rules Change Bear Behavior: Longer Cub Rearing Favored, Short Gain traded for Long Decline

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 31 March 2018


Bear News
Hunting Rules Change Bear Behavior

Longer Cub Rearing Favored, Short Gain traded for Long Decline

Hunting turns bear cubs into mama's boys (and girls),
Norwegian University of Life Sciences, March 28, 2018.

"We live in the Antropocene - where human impact extends to all corners of the globe. New research shows that this also applies to the relationship between mothers and cubs of the Scandinavian brown bear. Human hunting has changed the characteristics of mother bear's care and how often she has cubs."


I've heard of squirrel and moose, but squirrel and bear?

It seems that all the parts of our environment have the ability to "conditon" the behavior of living things, be it hunting rules or squirrel behavior:

Do squirrels teach bears to cross the railroad? Grizzlies dig squirrel middens for grains

What is apparent is that living things move towards things they can eat and away from things that eat them. When one "link" in the chain of food changes its behavior, a wave of interconnected behavioral changes can ripple up and down the food chains. Things that eat it may alter their behaviors, while the things it eats may change theirs. Or not.

A behavior change, such as our own human ban on us hunting Mother bears, has favored one already existing bear behavior over another, increasing the number of bears practicing that behavior as part of their general population.

The rapidly changing seasons are altering the traditional timings of the signals various species of plants, animals, and insects use for budding, migration, breeding, and hibernation.
These changes are testing the relationships between the, "seasonal timings," triggering various, "behaviors," which are key to accessing resources for all living things. The behaviors of the vast majority of living things are currently "timed" to our traditional onset-timings of Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, each in their own location around our world. The world's weather is rapidly and dramatically changing. Those traditional "timings" will not be "favored" in the new environment we are creating.

The "outlayer" populations, those that migrated earlier, those that bloomed earlier, and all of those creatures who's behaviors and metabolisms enjoy more heat will be favored. All of those creatures able to alter their behaviors (or their locations) to accomodate rising heat will also be favored.



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