Two 2018 HEALTH & FITNESS Articles: Global Decline & Rising American Mortality

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 08 December 2018

HEALTH & FITNESS: Global & American Decline

Two Articles of Declining Health

1> Warming, and Bad Air Damaging and Killing Millions

      Bottom Line

2> US Life Expectancy’s Continued Decline



1>DEATH from the Skies

Pollution and Warming: Coal Killing the Planet & its People

Climate change and air pollution damaging health and causing millions of premature deaths,
International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, November 29, 2018.


“...shows that rising temperatures as a result of climate change are already exposing us to an unacceptably high health risk and warns, for the first time, that older people in Europe and the East Mediterranean are particularly vulnerable to extremes of heat, markedly higher than in Africa and SE Asia.”

Death from the Skies
“...ambient air pollution resulted in several million premature deaths from ambient fine particulate matter globally in 2015, a conclusion from IIASA researchers confirming earlier assessments.”

Pinpoint Accuracy
“A new and important finding this year was the global attribution of deaths to source.”

“…found that coal alone accounts for 16% of pollution-related premature deaths, around 460,000, which they state makes phasing out coal-use a "crucial no-regret intervention for public health.”

Household Use
“Large contributions to ambient air pollution come from the residential sector, mostly from solid fuels like biomass and coal.”

No Single Solution
"The attribution shows that unfortunately an approach targeting a single sector or fuel won't solve the problem - air pollution is a multi-faceted issue that needs integrated strategies cutting across many sectors, which will differ from country to country.”

Effects of Extreme Heat

“157m more vulnerable people were subjected to a heatwave in 2017 than in 2000, and 18m more than in 2016. ”

“153bn hours of work were lost in 2017 due to extreme heat as a result of climate change. China alone lost 21bn hours, the equivalent of a year's work for 1.4% of their working population. India lost 75bn hours, equivalent to 7% of their total working population. ”

“Rising temperatures and unseasonable warmth is responsible for cholera and dengue fever spreading, with vectorial capacity for their transmission increasing across many endemic areas. ”

“The mean global temperature change to which humans are exposed is more than double the global average change, with temperatures rising 0.8°C versus 0.3°C.”

Stop Hitting Yourself
“The report, which looks at 41 separate indicators across a range of themes, says urgent steps are needed to protect people now from the impacts of climate change.”

Rising Public Health Threat
“...this summer's heat wave was twice as likely to have happened as a result of man-made climate change. Of the 478 global cities surveyed in the report, 51% expect climate change to seriously compromise their public health infrastructure.”

"The world has yet to effectively cut its emissions. The speed of climate change threatens our, and our children's lives. Following current trends we exhaust our carbon budget required to keep warming below two degrees, by 2032. The health impacts of climate change above this level above this level threaten to overwhelm our emergency and health services."




Bottom Line

Life is Energy
CO2 is a product of creating energy. Energy creation is vital to quality of life. The higher the quality of life, the more energy consumed. The more people living a higher quality of life, the more energy consumed.

Balance of Life
There is a point of diminishing returns, where your culture’s population has exceeded, #1, either its energy supply, and its quality of life begins declining, or, #2, a society exceeds it’s environmental carrying capacities, and its quality of life begins to decline. Between these two unwise extremes, exists an optimal balance between its energy supply and environmental carrying capacity.

Tower Builders
We here in California had such an optimal balance, before our American corporate leadership incited a series of global migrations of both manufacturing and labor. The net effects of these policies was to create a modern, “Babylonian Tower,” not of stones, but of irresponsible growth, of people and nature itself, dedicated to ever increasing growth of markets and profits.
In other words, our corporate masters have made a sacrifice of our physical and ethical worlds to their God of Greed. What we’re dealing with here, with massive heatwaves and death from polluted skies, is the fact that there’s always a bit of blowback, when a nation dedicates itself to greed...

Stop Building it Higher
Stopping the relentless rise of CO2 is not going to happen, unless the US completely ends immigration and offshoring, ending its fifty year long push of irresponsible demographic growth that’s tripled energy, water, and consumption of all California’s resources over the last fifty years.

Stopping irresponsible growth in California, the global, “posterchild,” of irresponsible growth, is only the start. Ending offshoring is the most direct way to seriously curb the filthy industrialization of China, by bringing manufacturing back to clean American and European factories. These rational policy changes are a win-win for California’s ecology and its middle-class economy…

Real Enviro-&- Political Justice Tariffs

Race to the Bottom

Who’s Driving?
Those are the two primary human behaviors, being the never-ending expansion of never-ending human consumption, that are driving the radical climate change we’re experiencing, and these are the two issues that we’ve got to directly confront, if we really are ready to do what’s necessary to stop changing our atmosphere, and preserve some elements of our ancient and traditional weather patterns, and the ecology that lives within these patterns.

Right now our leaders are expanding immigration and offshoring while pretending to be, “green environmentalists.”

Crisis Points
The first issue we need to change our approach to is the massive, relentless expansion of consumers and consumerism in the US that’s being driven through this uncontrolled population growth, and the second issue being the manufacture of that growing population’s consumer crap in environmentally unregulated third world countries, such as China, Mexico, & India. These are the two forces actually driving the last fifty year’s interrelated climate and ecological meltdowns.

OK, Kids…
If everyone continues wanting everything, nobody is getting anything...

These fundamental actions, ending immigration and offshoring, will begin diminishing both. It will end the growth of CO2 in the US, and put it on a declining trajectory in China, India, and Mexico, as well, while simultaneously pumping-up the almost lifeless corpse of the American Middle Class.

Ending the Scam of Endless Growth
Stopping immigration and offshoring in their tracks puts us on the straight road to environmental, as well as real economic recovery, as opposed to the triumph of the rich we’ve experienced over the last fifty years, and especially the last ten.
Well, these policy changes will put the majority of our citizens back onto the long-term road to environmental and economic recovery, though these same policies will also drain our corporate elite of the real sources of much of their ill-gotten gains in wealth and power over the past fifty years of unlimited immigration and offshoring, which was the profits of employing state-subsidized illegal labor here, or foreign slaves by proxy, “over there.” Those days of cold, thoughtless profits are coming to a hot, bitter, end point.

Ending immigration and offshoring will clean up a lot of political, social, and economic abuses and chaos always accompanying massive-scale irresponsible growth, as well as cleaning up our atmosphere and environment.

Same End Point
Different Trail
A country where it’s recognized that cheaters never prosper, is coming, one way or the other. I'd rather have justice and balance come through us putting aside cheating, rather than from us watching our cheaters fail while still reaching for their greedy goals, while taking the rest of us, and 'ole Mother Nature, down a whole bunch of notches with them...


Recent Global Warming News

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Rising Tide of US Death

Physical Death follows Political, Economic, and Social Death of American Middle Class

US life expectancy continues to move in reverse,
Ars Technica, November 29, 2018.


US Life Expectancy

1900 = 47.3


2014= 78.9

2015= 78.8

2016= 78.7

2017= 78.6

“ suggests that the decrease in 2015 was more than a blip—and it points to unfolding stories about health and death in the United States. Those small-seeming numbers also translate to meaningful real-world figures: there were 69,255 additional deaths in 2017 compared to 2016.”

Rising Death
“Two age groups saw increases in death rates: younger adults aged between 25 and 44 years, and people over 85 years old.”

Killing the Ex-Middle Class
“When those death rates were broken down by ethnicity and sex, white people—both men and women—had a statistically significant increase in death rate...”

Consumption is Not Purpose...
“Heart disease and cancer were still the leading causes of death by a wide margin...”

“...deaths from unintentional injuries were up significantly from 2016. Drug overdoses account for slightly less than half of the deaths in this category.”

“...skyrocketing 16 percent per year from 2014 until 2017.”

“...drug overdose deaths may have peaked in 2017”

“...also showed an increase in suicides, which have been rising steadily for nearly two decades and have been ranked as the tenth most common cause of death in the US since 2008.”


Earlier Mortality Analysis


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Young men more likely to die in summer, older people in winter despite local climate






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