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High Sierra Backpacking Weather Information, Application, and Resources | High Sierra Backpacker

High Sierra Backpacking Weather Information, Application, and Resources

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 21 January 2010

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There are three types of High Sierra Backpacking Weather assets: Good Information, Proper application of that information, and your resources and experiences.

Great current Weather Information can be found on the High Sierra Backpacker Weather page. Here you will find High Sierra Nevada weather forecasts, real-time reporting stations up and down the Sierra, and links to the best weather satellites, weather radar, weather maps, and road condition links that will properly inform you.

The application of this information can be learned by studying the weather, gradually gaining backpacking experience deeper in all-seasons, and by steadily and logically evolving your knowledge, experience, gear, and fitness.

Your resources and experiences are vital to this backpacking site. Shared experience is how we learn from the wide range of each other's experiences. It is the basis of this site and its related trail guide. Post up your comments, questions, or solutions and resources.

Good information, good application, and drawing on a wide variety of experiences and resources will prep you for the conditions you can expect to endure in any season and any location. In our case each type of information will enrich our understanding of weather resources and issues in the Sierra Nevada.

Evolving Resources on the Tahoe to Whitney Guide and Forum

Though I've only finished a draft edition of the first section of the Weather Section on the trail guide, you can find valuable weather information to help plan your High Sierra backpacking trips through the finished links on the trail guide, in the video above, and on the High Sierra Weather page linked to at the top of the page.

The trail guide is splitting the High Sierras into North, Central, and Southern sections. Each section will highlight real time reporting stations along the main trail routes, provide links to the best local weather forecasts, and give you the "eye in the sky" capabilities that radar, satellite, and weather maps provide.

I've recently reworked all three sections on the trail guide, but they are far from complete. Soon each will be very informative, and as I complete the guide you will find the local   weather reporting stations in proximity to the main North-South hiking routes along the Sierra Crest linked to from the trail guide's topo hiking maps.

Stay tuned!

Summer Storm, thunder and lightening, over Kennedy Meadows Pack Station

 Above: Rainshower over Kennedy Meadows.

The video above demonstrates how I use various resources to investigate the weather, all to select the proper gear for a particular backpacking trip.

Drop me an email or post-up through the comments links above and below if you have any suggestions, questions, or comments.




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