Camping Tents Grossly Exceed Chemical Safety Standards

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 30 January 2019



Balanced between Chemical & Fire Safety?
Wilderness Camp Fire
Stove leak caught up terrain, me, and my tent.
Houston, we have a problem. The previous evening, a stove problem while cooking dinner inspired me to quickly use the bedroll, lower Left, to put out the rapidly-spreading tent fire.
I am amazed I was able to contain the rapidly-spreading nylon fire. Also note the disturbed terrain where I kicked out the line of fire between the stove and tent...


Tent camping could lead to flame retardant exposure,
American Chemical Society, May 11, 2018.


“...many tents sold in the United States are treated with flame retardants.”

“...found that flame retardants used in the manufacturing of tents are released in the air within this enclosed space, which could lead to campers breathing them in.”

“...some of these compounds are associated with reproductive and developmental problems.”

Test & Results
“...tested the air space inside 15 different tents for a set of known flame retardants. The air samples contained varying levels of these compounds, depending on the brand of tent. Based on their measurements, the researchers estimated that campers sleeping for eight hours inside the tents could potentially inhale compound levels ranging from a few nanograms per kilogram of bodyweight to 400 nanograms per kilogram of bodyweight. This is less than the acceptable daily dose of 5 micrograms per kilogram of bodyweight — as set by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission”



Bottom Line

I need to come up with the money to buy access to the original research, so I can figure out which tents are implicated, and which are not...

Anyone have access? Send me a copy!




What Not to Do in the Backcountry

Catch your stove, yourself, (the terrain!), and/or your tent on fire...



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Our Role
Our role is to be steadily observant while maintaining physical and mental readiness to respond properly to all of the inherent and obvious threats to our health and safety, as well as the surprising ones!
Our first goal is to prevent, and if impossible to prevent, to quickly identify, confront, and resolve all threats to our health and safety.

Internal Threats
As many of these are internal threats involving a fundamentally flawed decison-making process, or improper physical preparation and subsequent fatigue, we find we have to look within ourselves (trail guide) for danger, as well as around us...

Nowadays, with endrocrine disruptors in everything, our health and safety begins with inspecting the labels, or otherwise discovering the chemical toxicity of our gear. Then trusting that information, as I trust neither our bribed politicians, who allowed our manufacturing to be moved to China, who's veracity about their manufacturing processes are even less dependable than the loyalty of our own bribed pols to anything but their own pursuit of wealth and power. Put that on the label.

Thus, the only truth that we can trust, is that human desire has trumped our responsibility to ourselves, each other, and our environment.
In the present case this means that our labels, as well as the political authority behind them, have been corrupted and compromised to the detriment of the health and safety they were instituted to protect.

You can wash the fireproofing out, if you are worried. The effects of all our corruption are a bit harder to wash out of our climate and ecology...


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