Kennedy Meadows Pack Station Backpacking Resupply: Tahoe to Yosemite and Pacific Crest Trails

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 12 August 2010

Basic backpacker information about Kennedy Meadows Pack Station and Resort. 

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 Kennedy Meadows Pack Station and Resort Resupply 

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Kennedy Meadows Pack Station and Resort 

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Kennedy Meadows Tahoe to Yosemite Trailhead South

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Kennedy Meadows to Relief Reservoir South


Sonora Pass Map over Leavitt Peak

Boulder Lake to Sonora Pass



Highway 108 Trailheads and Trail Guide Resources

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Kennedy Meadows Updates

2013: Kid's Summer Horsecamp

2013: Matilda the Donkey

Opening Dates

2014 May 22
2015 May 29

Find Kennedy Meadows Pack Station


The Kennedy Meadows Pack Station is located 9.32 miles West of the Sonora Pass, then one mile, to the Left, South down a very well-marked road off of Highway 108. If you are coming from the West on Highway 108, Kennedy Meadows Pack Station is about 57 miles East of the town of Sonora. A Right turn at the end of a section of Highway 108 where the road runs along the Middle Stanislaus River flowing past a series of campsites along a stunningly beautiful flat section of the River's run above where it joins with the Clarks fork of the Stanislaus.

TYT hikers will remember crossing the North Stanislaus River after hiking South of Duck Lake after crossing Highway 4, up on the North side of the Carson Iceberg Wilderness..

Sonora Pass is where the Pacific Crest Trail crosses Highway 108.

The Northbound Tahoe to Yosemite Trail begins from Highway 108 about a mile West of Sonora Pass via Saint Marys Pass and the Saint Marys Pass trailhead. This is significantly offset (9.32 miles West) from where the TYT continues South, passing through Kennedy Meadows Pack Station into the Emigrant Wilderness. 

Southbound TYT  hikers must visit Kennedy Meadows Pack Station on their way into the stunningly beautiful Emigrant Wilderness. Stop in and say hey, have a big meal, pick up your resupply, and give them my regards, I'm Al...

I also suggest that PCT hikers use it as a "halfway" resupply point, as it roughly breaks the 150 miles between Tuolumne Meadows and Lake Tahoe in half, it has full laundry and shower services, great food, and an excellent-reliable-and cheap resupply policy.

I set up this Google Map of Highway 108 on the Trail Guide depicting the relative locations of Sonora Pass, Saint Marys Pass, and Kennedy Meadows Pack Station and Resort.

Resupply Policy

Kennedy Meadows Pack Station and Resort will accept, hold and deliver backpacker resupply packages sent to them through UPS ONLY. See the Kennedy Meadows Pack Station and Resort resupply page in the trail guide for details.

Actual Location: This is also the proper address to send you resupply package to Kennedy Meadows through UPS ONLY. Kennedy Meadows ONLY accepts resupply packages sent through UPS:

Kennedy Meadows Pack Station and Resort

57 miles East of Sonora

Sonora, Ca, 95370

Phone: 209 965 3900

Kennedy Meadows Pack Station and Resort website


The United States Postal Service mailing address of Kennedy Meadows Pack Station and Resort:



Kenndey Meadows Pack Station

PO Box 4010

Sonora, California 95370


USGS topo map from the Trail Guide

Miles and Elevation index from the Trail Guide


See the Resupply section of the Tahoe to Whitney Trail Guide for more on Resupplying between Lake Tahoe and Mount Whitney.

If you have any comments, experiences at Kennedy Meadows Pack Station and Resort, or questions, post them through the Comments Link below: 

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