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Massive Aussie Dust Storm Front, January 2020

Massive Aussie Dust Storm Front, January 2020

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 16 January 2020



Massive Aussie Dust Storm Front, January 2020
Massive Aussie Dust Storm Front, January 2020, Lansat 8, NASA.
Dust front stretching thousands of miles across Australia, Lansat 8, NASA.


Many Versions of Ecological Hell Unleashing Across Australia

Major Dust Storm Sweeps Across Australia,
NASA Earth Observatory, January 15, 2020.


Massive Dust…
Alice Springs NT, Australia
"...an enormous dust storm swept across the continent."

Thousands of Kilometers
"The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Terra satellite captured a natural-color image (top) showing a front of thick dust stretching thousands of kilometers across Australia on January 11, 2020."

Here's the MODIS Satellite View, adjust the Date to observe progression.

Fire-up Google Earth and locate Alice Springs to line-up the geography of the MODIS Satellite views with the local cities & towns.

Why & What
"Strong winds associated with a passing low-pressure trough and storm system triggered the dust storm. Months of unusually dry weather have parched the soils, making it easier for winds to lift clay-sized (less than 4 micrometers), silt-sized (4 to 62.5 micrometers), and sand-sized (62.5 micrometers to 2 millimeters) dust particles high into the air."

Rare Storm
"While dust storms are relatively common in Australia in the spring and summer, storms on this scale are not. “This is a massive continental wide storm that continued across the Tasman Sea and seems to have reached New Zealand, after which time it made a clockwise whirl in the Southern Ocean..."



Jan 10
Aussies Burning, Early 2020



Jan 4
Fire & Smoke Cover SE Oz


September 2019
Australian Drought, Europe, & Japan during Sept 2019


2017 Research Note

Oct 2017
Our Hot as Holy Hell New World: Expect Melbourne & Sydney 50-degree Celsius days


Bottom Line

Extreme Weather

The Ancient Ecology
The depth and width of the fertility of the natural environment and its interrelated web of life that fed and grew human development to such an obscene size and scale in the first place is gone.
Our planet's natural ecologies and ecosystems have been crushed under the weight and consequences of our massive human presence, the presence it itself fed, about everywhere.

Direct and Indirect Actions
This is the ecological situation that the size of our growth and development created, even before our industrial carbon consequences built up in the atmosphere to this, the present point of radically altering global climate and weather patterns. We had already stripped the planet's ecosystems down to very dangerous levels long before we threatened it all by changing the climate and weather.

We have long ago gutted our planet's ecosystems internally, stripping down their populations and resources, long before we altered the basic nature of the climatological and meteorological environment itself, within which all living things operate.
But, the truth is that, "Nature," in the form of healthy ecosystems, had long ago been stripped-down of the vast majority of its fertility by directly stripping down its inhabitants on land, in the sea, and in the air.

The great fisheries were long ago, hundreds of years ago, fished to near extinction. The great forests were long ago cut down, and the great herds of beasts on land, and flocks of birds in the sky decimated time and time again, to their paltry presences today, as humanity spread and thickened. Now the rate of decline in remaining wild areas has accelerated through both direct degradations and undermining the climate & weather.

Ancient Oceans, Forests, Skies
Few are aware of how deeply and thickly much of our planet was covered with life, before we drained it using our ever-increasing technologies feeding ever-increasing populations of, today, "consumers."

Engine of Destruction
Today, it is ironically the secondary carbon by-products of our vast, ever-increasing primary goal of, "consumption," itself that's putting the final nails in the coffin of our ecologies and ecosystems.
It's ironic because we've been directly dismantling, literally taking apart ecosystems around the world, step by step and piece by piece, for a very, very long time. Ten thousand years, more or less.
Now, the irony is that it's not our primary, "direct," attack on Nature that's crashed it globally, but our secondary byproduct. Our garbage has a greater power and effect than our desires that created it.

Ancient World Breakdown
The current configuration of the Natural World is not falling only due to our direct physical, "development," assaults. Nature's current set of ancient configurations are finding defeat by drowning in the secondary effects of our gaseous garbage. We've created, and are expanding carbon concentrations that have already altered the climate and weather out of the traditional range necessary to support our ancient web of life, to support the fertility of Nature, when not swinging our weather between deadly extremes.

Troubling Changes, if Not Intense Extremes
Those people, plants, and creatures living in places that were already subject to desert extremes are now experiencing heat far beyond any known in living experience. And it's getting worse. Rapidly. People everywhere are experiencing troubling weather changes, if not extremes.

From Fertility to Fatality
Expect to see more epic droughts, heatwaves, floods, and massive storms as our destabalized climate and weather continue to break down. Expect our attacks of the fertility and balance of Nature to empower the fatality, rather than the fertility of Nature.




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