Alien Algae Blooms? Life in High Atmosphere of Venus?

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 31 March 2018


Alien Algae Blooms?

Life in High Atmosphere of Venus?

Is there life adrift in the clouds of Venus?
University of Wisconsin-Madison, March 30, 2018.

"...some models suggest Venus once had a habitable climate with liquid water on its surface for as long as 2 billion years."


On Earth:

High Altitude bacteria

Microbes living in high acid conditions

Microbes feeding on Carbon Dioxide

"On Earth, we know that life can thrive in very acidic conditions, can feed on carbon dioxide, and produce sulfuric acid."

"...the cloudy, highly reflective and acidic atmosphere of Venus is composed mostly of carbon dioxide and water droplets containing sulfuric acid."

"...habitability of Venus' clouds was first raised in 1967 by noted biophysicist Harold Morowitz and famed astronomer Carl Sagan."

"...series of space probes to the planet launched between 1962 and 1978 showed that the temperature and pressure conditions in the lower and middle portions of the Venusian atmosphere -- altitudes between 40 and 60 kilometers (25-27 miles) -- would not preclude microbial life. The surface conditions on the planet, however, are known to be inhospitable, with temperatures soaring above 450 degrees Celsius (860 degrees Fahrenheit)."

A chance encounter between a Venus researcher and a biologist linked the existance "...of bacteria on Earth with light-absorbing properties similar to those of unidentified particles that make up unexplained dark patches observed in the clouds of Venus."

"Spectroscopic observations, particularly in the ultraviolet, show that the dark patches are composed of concentrated sulfuric acid and other unknown light-absorbing particles."

"Those dark patches have been a mystery since they were first observed by ground-based telescopes nearly a century ago."

"The particles that make up the dark patches have almost the same dimensions as some bacteria on Earth."

"The patches could be something akin to the algae blooms that occur routinely in the lakes and oceans of Earth."



Russian Probe Melts (by acid and heat) on Surface of Venus
(First Probe to land on another planet and transmit data back to Earth.)


A Webpage full of Venera Images,
Duck Duck Go Search Engine
Venera 9 to 12 transmitted images of Venus' surface.


Recent Venus Research

Scientists revisit a strange result from one of the Soviet Venus landers


Hot lava flows discovered on Venus




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