Astronomy News, Another Nasty Effect of Overpopulaton: No Stars

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 27 December 2017



Astronomy News
Another Nasty Effect of Overpopulaton

No Stars


Observing Changes in Nighttime Lights,
NASA Earth Observatory, December 27, 2017.


The night sky is washed out over the vast majority of the American population. This is the nighttime version of, "The Great Disengagement," of the American Citizenry that's been accelerating since the 1960s.

Americans have increasingly disengaged from nature and each other since then, coming to reflect their own self-gratification and greed more than their values, or the Natural Wonderland which once surrounded them. The physical manifestation of this disengagement has been the expansion of night-sky-eating megacities filled with children that have never experienced Nature, not even its unencumbered night skies.

This environment of greed and desire only teaches greed and desire.

No one is trained to respect or reflect the grandure of Nature, which has been in fact destroyed, sacrificed, to build the megacities that feed the base greed and self-gratifications of man. The growth of global megacities consumes and extinguishes the very Spirit of Nature itself, while simultanously debasing the value of its reflection in the eyes of men.

Megacities feed on the Souls of Men while "consuming" the spirit of Nature.

Not to worry too much, as this is a problem that "solves" itself, and is well on the way to doing so. Rationing will not help...


Nasty Solid State Lights

WAY too Much Light at Night



Let's get out of the washout zone and take a look at all eternity:

Full Sky Chart

Scroll up above the star chart, and you'll find the date and location adjustable star wheel, which will show you what part of the universe, and when, it's passing above your head.

 For more Information about what most Americans can't see, see,

Night Skies


We have mistaken the gratification of our transitional desires for the enduring rewards and meaning of life engaged, and in balance with, Nature. We are living in, and our desires are driving, a powerful engine of natural imbalance past its fundamental physical and spiritual tipping-points.

The loss of night skies is another "canary in the coal mine" of a much larger, ongoing  metaphysical disaster unfolding through Man & Nature.


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