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Astronomical Observations & Information, Winter of 2020

Astronomical Observations & Information, Winter of 2020

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 07 January 2020



Observations & Information, Winter of 2020

Events & Information



Earth Closest to the Sun

The Earth at Perihelion,
In-The-Sky, January 6, 2020.


Closest at Mid-Winter
"The Earth's annual orbit around the solar system will carry it to its closest point to the Sun, at a distance of 0.98 AU."

Annual Variation
"The Earth's distance from the Sun varies by around 3% over the course of the year because its orbit is slightly oval-shaped, following a path called an ellipse."

"...a 3% difference in the Earth's distance from the Sun is barely noticeable."

Our Tilted Engine of Weather
"Annual changes in our weather, for example between the summer and winter, are caused entirely by the tilt of the Earth's axis of rotation, rather than by any change in its distance from the Sun."

Trail Guide
Astronomical Models of Earth Orbit & Angle to the Sun




Orion in Visible and Infrared Light
Orion in Visible and Infrared Light, by Akira Fujii & NASA.
The visible light (left) and infrared (right) images of the constellation Orion shown here are of the exact same area. Images by Akira Fujii & NASA.


Rise of Orion & The Winter Circle

Winter Night Skies
Rising in the East with the Fall of Darkness, the Orion Constellation announces the seasonal arrival and now nightly Rise of the Winter Circle.

The Winter Circle
The Winter Circle is defined by the major stars of the major constellations decorating the Winter night Sky, composed of Sirius in Canis Major, Procyon of Canis Minor, the Gemini Twins Pollux and Castor, up to the Goat Herder Capella among the kids in Auriga, over to Aldebaran, the eye of the Bull Taurus, then back down to the Big Dog, Sirius.


Orion in Detail
Astronomy Picture of the Day, Orion with Overlay



Betelgeuse is Acting Strange, and Astronomers are Buzzing,
National Geographic, December 26, 2019.



Check out the location of the Winter Circle in relation to its constellations,
The Whole Universe Star Chart

The Star Wheel times and tracks the Winter Circle from your location,
Digital Star Wheel


Trail Guide
Navigation Page, Observation Tools



What Stars Do, besides being Pretty...
Star Operations, Supernova Explosions, & Neutron Star Collisions: How Elements are Created





News of Man & Nature, January 2020








Nature News


Climate Destruction News



Bee News

Bear News

Spider Forum

Bird News

Small Mammals

Frogs and Reptiles

Butterfly News


Health and Fitness

Mountain Safety

Mosquito News

Female Trail

High Sierra History


Astro-Phys, Space, & Science News

High Sierra Geology News

Fish, Oceans, & Water News






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