SOUTHWEST UNITED STATES: Rearranging the Deck Chairs on the Titanic Southwest Drought

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 29 November 2018

Rearranging the Deck Chairs inside the Titanic Southwestern Drought-Aridification

Relentless, Endless Growth vs Diminishing Resources: Something’s Gonna Give

Why the next few weeks could make or break Arizona's water future,
Arizona Republic, November 14, 2018.


Crisis on the Colorado River
"...Lake Mead – which supplies 40 percent of our water – has a one in five chance of falling to catastrophically low levels by 2026, requiring cuts that will hurt every water user in this state."

Crisis Plan
"The proposed Lower Basin Drought Contingency Plan aims to lower that risk for a time by requiring Arizona, California and Nevada to leave more water in the lake."

Except Arizona
"Yet the plan has reached an impasse in Arizona, and how we resolve it will have repercussions for years, maybe even decades."


CAP’s DCP is a Farce
“In a nutshell, it would use water that CAP has stored in Lake Mead for three years to help farmers, tribes and cities impacted by the cuts.”

Impending Crisis
"Unless we find a magic rain cloud somewhere, there isn’t enough water to insulate everyone from pain when a shortage is declared, perhaps as soon as 2020."

Arizona's Position
"...have junior rights to water on the river."

Central Arizona Project's "Plan"
"...CAP is essentially proposing to take water out of the lake to help people … who will get less water from the lake."

Dumb-Ass CAP "Plan"
" would use water that CAP has stored in Lake Mead for three years to help farmers, tribes and cities impacted by the cuts."

(CAP had banked that water to maintain lake Mead’s level during earlier stages of this same, ongoing crisis. Now, their new DCP, "plan," proposes taking that water out of Lake Mead as the crisis deepens further, effectively neutralizing both their earlier efforts at preserving usable water levels in Lake Mead, while making a mockery of their, and everyone else’s current efforts at really preserving usable levels of water in Lake Mead today, and tomorrow. CAP's goal is to consume, not preserve, as much of our nation's water as they possibly can.)

That's It?
"Will there be competing measures before lawmakers? We don't know."

Enough for the Millions Already There?
"...while DCP is necessary, it’s just a Band-Aid to avoid catastrophe while we work on longer-term solutions to help this state thrive in its new reality, one with far less water."


Southwest is Undergoing Aridification


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Southwest and Colorado River News & Research

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The Bottom Line

Failing Systems, Human & Natural
The failing system of Lakes Glenn and Powell along the diminishing flows of the Colorado River, are all suffering from the rapidly diminishing snowpack of the Rockies.

Desert Megacity Madness
This whold system is a perfect example of the irresponsible, and short-term, growth and development of completely unsustainable multi-million person megacites, built in the deserts of the Southwest US, deserts which are undergoing a process of aridification of their own, as the snowpack in the Rockies rapidly declines in parallel to the rising mega-drought in the Southwest.

The Forces of Organized Greed: The D's & R's
Oh, and the forces of Organized Greed in Arizona are fighting as hard as they can to stuff in as many more millions of foreigners, and as much growth and development into Arizona as they can, before the water runs out, and starts to receede.

The Situation
Elvis characterized this behavior, of seeking illicit rewards well, as, "Going Ninty Miles an Hour down a Dead-End Street." Yup, that's the ecological and water situation our leader's unbridled greed and corruption first created.
Now our, "leaders," are using the material desires of millions of foreigners to accelerate our country towards its inevitable recokenings with our own broken values, and the brick wall of Nature at the end of this street we are accelerating down, that our own lack of values created...

The Unintended Consequences of Dams and Reservoirs

What's Happening
"They," being "our," bankers, developers, real estate folks, and the politicians they all bribe are all trying to make as much money as they can, by building us, (Arizona, in this case, but LA is in the same sinking, "boat."), as far beyond any demographic or developmental notion of long-term social, economic, or water sustainability, as they can possibly get-away with.

Our corporate elite are currently in the process of stuffing as many dollars into their pockets, by stuffing as many illegals into Arizona (and California), before the water runs out, and starts to receede. They are racing to develop us as far over the line of sustainability as they can, both here in California, and in Arizona, before the water runs out, and their scam implodes...

(Using the, "Devils Straws," in California)

Water News, Arizona: Squeezing the Last Growth Out of a Drying Desert

The Usual Suspects
Our corporate leaders and their highly paid (bribed) political minions have been intentionally asset-stripping California and the Southwest's natural and human resources over the past twenty years of massive, historically irresponsible demographic growth, with the express knowledge, during this particular timeframe, of the seriousness of our drying climate and our diminishing waters.

Past the Breaking Point
Yet they continue to pursue their excess profits by endangering all of our ecological, social, and economic stability through massive demographic growth that neither our economy nor our ecology can support, without further damaging and degrading both.

Define Stupid
The Product of
Corruption-Fed Greed
Growing our population into the teeth of a growing megadrought of historical magnitude is creating an American Monument to how deeply greed and corruption damaged our good will, common sense, driving the broader damages to the climate & ecology our corporate elite are leading.




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Water Crisis, Colorado River, Central Arizona Project, CAP, DCP, Drought Contingency Plan,  a farce, in face of, long term, aridification


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