ECO-CRASHING NEWS: Comprehensive Arctic Warming Underway

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 08 April 2019


ECO-CRASH NEWS: Arctic Warming

Scene of the Crime
Southern Brooks Range from Dalton Highway
Southern Brooks Range from Dalton Highway, UAF photo by Todd Paris.
Changing beauties of the peaks of the southern Brooks Range along a stretch of the Dalton Highway, about 250 miles north of Fairbanks, UAF photo by Todd Paris.


Traditional Arctic Climate & Global Weather Influences Almost Gone

Air temperatures in the Arctic are driving system change,
University of Alaska Fairbanks, April 8, 2019.


Major Changes Underway
“...increasing air temperatures and precipitation are drivers of major changes in various components of the Arctic system."

"The Arctic system is trending away from its 20th century state and into an unprecedented state, with implications not only within but beyond the Arctic."

"Never have so many Arctic indicators been brought together in a single paper."

Everything Arctic Is Changing
"All the variables are connected with temperature. All components of the Arctic system are involved in this change."

Factors Studied
“The authors correlated records of observations from 1971 to 2017 of nine key indicators:”

air temperature



Snow cover

sea ice

land ice


terrestrial ecosystems...mismatch in the timing of flowers blooming and pollinators working.

carbon cycling

Fundamental Change in the Arctic
“All the indicators correlate with rising temperatures, pointing to a warming climate and a fundamental change in the Arctic.”

Global Repercussions
"The Arctic system is trending away from its 20th century state and into an unprecedented state, with implications not only within but beyond the Arctic."

Warm Arctic a Source of Extreme Weather & Storms
“ patterns across Europe, North America and Asia are becoming more persistent, leading to extreme weather conditions. Another example is the disruption of the ocean circulation that can further destabilize climate: for example, cooling across northwestern Europe and strengthening of storms."


Video Summary of Research,


Recent Arctic Climate Research

Arctic Vortex-Weather

Warming Arctic Deeply Affecting North Hemisphere Weather


Polar Vortex Sliding off Top of Planet, Arctic Weather Plunges into North America

Arctic Roots of Increasing Extreme Weather

What Happens when You Grow Too Big for your Britches? The Arctic Vortex Weakens!

Eco Crash News, End of Ice: Muskoxen and Calves, Arctic Mammals, All Suffering


Arctic Water & Ice News: Fundamental Pattern Changes


Arctic Waters

Climate Change News: Arctic Out of Balance, Arctic Ocean Rapidly Changing

ARCTIC ICE, 2018: Beauford Sea Instability Points to Arctic Ocean Transformation

Rapid Arctic Warming, 2019: Unique Arctic Atmosphere & Local Amplification Cited

2019: Arctic Seasonal MAX & MINS on Steady Warming Trajectory


Arctic Glaciers

The End of Cold, 2018: Arctic Mountain Glaciers Melting Rapidly


 Arctic Permafrost

Eco Crash News: Furthest Northern Arctic Permafrost to Melt


Permafrost Crash Effects

2018: Permafrost Melt Lakes Surges Arctic Methane Release

Arctic Plants are Getting Rapidly Taller

Arctic Greening Thaws Permafrost, Boosts Runoff

All Alaska-North Canadian Infrastructure at “Immediate” Risk


Bigger Changes Coming

Greenland Ice Cores link Arctic Sea Ice Loss to Abrupt Climate Events

Ice News: Traditional Arctic Weather Cycle Gone, Life & Weather Consequences just getting started

CHANGING ARCTIC SEASONS: Harbigner of Deadly Changes


The Timing of Life

Timing of Life Changing with Changing Seasons: Birds Paying the Price

The Timing and Character of Seasons have Changed: Nature-Ecosystems-Watersheds Crash

Climate Change News: Nature Losing its Integrated Timing; Life no longer supporting itself




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