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Big Changes in the Arctic are Here, & they are Accelerating

Big Changes in the Arctic are Here, & they are Accelerating

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 13 December 2019



Permafrost Exposed: The Great Outgassing Has Begun
 The Great Outgassing Has Begun, NASA, Jefferson Beck.
A deep cut into an Alaskan hillside reveals thousands of years-old permafrost, often called the “fossilized glaciers” of the cryosphere. By NASA, Jefferson Beck.


Big Changes are Here, & Accelerating

Arctic shifts to a carbon source due to winter soil emissions,
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, November 8, 2019.


What is Permafrost
"Permafrost is the carbon-rich frozen soil that covers 24% of Northern Hemisphere land area, encompassing vast stretches of territory across Alaska, Canada, Siberia and Greenland. Permafrost holds more carbon than has ever been released by humans via fossil fuel combustion, and this permafrost has kept carbon safely locked away in an icy embrace for tens of thousands of years. But as global temperatures warm, permafrost is thawing and releasing greenhouse gases to the atmosphere."

Already Outgassing
"These findings indicate that winter carbon dioxide loss may already be offsetting growing season carbon uptake, and these losses will increase as the climate continues to warm."

Stark Reversal
"...the Arctic may be adding more carbon into the atmosphere each year than is taken up by Arctic vegetation, marking a stark reversal for a region that has captured and stored carbon for tens of thousands of years."

Negative Carbon Imbalance
"They estimate a yearly loss of 1.7 billion metric tons of carbon from the permafrost region during the winter season from 2003 to 2017 compared to the estimated average of 1 billion metric tons of carbon taken up during the growing season."

End of Cold
New World Emerges
"...winter carbon dioxide loss from the world's permafrost regions could increase by 41% over the next century if human-caused greenhouse gas emissions continue at their current pace."

Climate Models of Doom are Optimistic
"Carbon emitted from thawing permafrost has not been included in the majority of models used to predict future climates."

Models ALREADY Failing
July 2018
Climate Models Underestimating Scale of Change: Twice What Climate Models Predict?

"Different Scenarios of Future Fossil Fuel Emissions"
OUR Self-Selected, "SCENARIO"
Full Speed Ahead!
Massive Population Growth Driving "Globalized," Third World Industrialism!!
"If fossil fuel use is modestly reduced over the next century, winter carbon dioxide emissions would increase 17% compared with current emissions. Under a scenario where fossil fuel use continues to increase at current rates through the middle of the century, winter carbon dioxide emissions from permafrost would rise by 41%."

Our Current Trajectory
Our current domestic and international policies pursued by the, "centers," of both political parties are dedicated to maintaining and continuing the policies of completely unrestricted population growth paralleled and supported by completely unrestricted, "global," industrial development in China, Inda, Southeast Asia and Africa, the same policies they've been pursuing over the past fifty years... the same policies that have driven CO2 levels to their current highest levels ever in the human era, at the greatest rate of CO2 growth, which actions in getting here have already shredded our environment, our economy, and our culture.

Second Fastest, Largest C02 Growth in 2019, Carbon Dioxide Levels Hit Record Peak in May

A New Direction
These are the, "policies" of irresponsible demographic and industrial growth that's been driving our environmental destruction over the past fifty years, policies that all the first world govenments supporting the Paris Accords have been, and are still pursuing.
These countries would not need the farce of Paris to cover their future environmental and political crimes, if they reversed unrestricted mass migrations today, while prohibiting trade with any nation not manufacturing to the highest environmental standards.

Curb the Corporate Elite
This is how to honestly address the causes, as well as the consequences, of our corporate elite's over-development of our planet.

Watching Our New World Emerge
"It's concerning that our study, which used many more observations than ever before, indicates a much stronger Arctic carbon source in the winter. We may be witnessing a transition from an annual Arctic carbon sink to a carbon source, which is not good news."

Waves of Consequences
"Climate modeling teams across the globe are trying to incorporate processes and dynamic events that influence permafrost's carbon emissions. For example, thermokarst lakes formed by melting ice can speed up the rate of carbon dioxide emissions by exposing deeper layers of permafrost to warmer temperatures. Likewise, Arctic and boreal forest fires, which are becoming more frequent and severe, can remove the insulating top layer of soil, accelerating and deepening permafrost thaw."

Get Ready for Roasting
"Those interactions are still not accounted for in most of the models and will undoubtedly increase estimates of carbon emissions from permafrost regions."


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The Arctic itself is rapidly and radically warming

Oct 2019
Full Range of Rapid Climate Changes Across the Arctic Felt in Alaska


Check the Links below these two pieces of research:

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Rapid Arctic Warming, 2019: Unique Arctic Atmosphere & Local Amplification Cited


Real Time

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April 2018
The End of Cold, 2018: Arctic Mountain Glaciers Melting Rapidly



The Long View

What We've Done

Heating up Our Planet over the Short, Medium, and Long Terms
These changes are disrupting everything


The Past: Mirror of Present & Future
Archaeological Climatology
The PETM, Chicxulub, Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event (T-OAE), Volcanic Events, and even the Chance of a Black Hole/Supernova disaster...





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