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China Cheating the World: Ozone Edition

China Cheating the World: Ozone Edition

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 23 May 2019



China's Illegal, Cheating Ozone Emissions
Emissions Inferred from Atmospheric Observations at Gosan and Hateruma Monitoring Stations
China's Cheating Ozone Emissions Inferred from Atmospheric Observations at Gosan and Hateruma Monitoring Stations, University of Bristol.
These are emissions inferred from atmospheric observations at Gosan and Hateruma monitoring stations show an increase from eastern China between the periods 2008 - 2012 (left) and 2014 - 2017 (right). The emission rise is primarily from Shandong and Hebei and surrounding provinces. University of Bristol.


China Cheating the World


Scientists discover the source (China) of new CFC emissions,
University of Bristol, May 22, 2019.


Cheating, Again
"Since 2013, annual emissions of a banned chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) have increased by around 7,000 tonnes from eastern China..."

"...despite a global phase-out since 2010 under the Montreal Protocol."

Unexpected Ozone Growth
"...it was unexpected when it was reported last year that, starting around 2013, global emissions of one of the most important CFCs suddenly began to grow."

Cheater Hunt
"To better pinpoint emissions sources, more recent measurement stations have been located closer to industrialised regions."

Cheater Found
"From the Korean and Japanese data, we used our models to show that emissions of CFC-11 from eastern China had increased by around 7,000 tonnes per year after 2012, particularly in or around the provinces of Shandong and Hebei."

More Coming?
"If the emissions are due to the manufacture and use of products such as foams, it is possible that we have only seen part of the total amount of CFC-11 that was produced. The remainder could be locked up in buildings and chillers and will ultimately be released to the atmosphere over the coming decades."


Bottom Line

Not a Partner
China, as it and our nation are currently, "configured," (both being controlled by greed-fueled corruption, they being corrupted, "commies," and we being corrupted, "capitalists."), cannot be trustworthy enough to trade with. Especially to ship our country's, and the whole world's, first-world, middle-class manufacturing to their slave & quasi slave labor, pollution control free, commie, "paradise."

Thieves All
Our, "leaders," did this to steal the wealth of the American middle class by avoiding all the wage, environmental, and social costs that manufacturing in a first world nation entails, so they abandoned our middle class as they avoided the costs of social and environmental responsibility in the US. That's, "globalism's," real  purpose, and it's worked. Up to now...

The Corporate Fascist State
Creating war, massive poverty. and ecological destruction here and around the world are acceptable costs to our corporate elite, to maintain their own corporate aristocracy's position, power, and wealth.

Spade's a Spade...
This, my friends, is what happens when corporate power is allowed to, or manages to seize control of politics and press...

Corporate Misson Accomplished
The People and Our Planet are Both Screwed
This treachery by our, "leaders," has seriously damaged, first our country's people, then our whole planet's ecology as the consequences of our corporate-corrupted leader's very short-sighted international and domestic policies of endless, greed-driven growth fully manifests itself across our planet's lands, airs, and seas..

This era of corporate & commie corruptions is coming to a disastrous close.

We really need to get back to our, "basics," as Americans, if we want to save any of our ancient environment, climate, and its ecosystems, let alone rebuild our broken middle class.

The Way Out
We MUST Institute Environmental, Social, Political, and Human Rights Tariffs against China.



A Step Deeper?

Seeking the Philosophical Center

Not Legitimate Rulers
"Commies" or "Capitalists"
As an American who notices that neither commies nor capitalists are mentioned in our Constitution, and that our Constitution vies to balance the social need for the, "general welfare," of the group, being the social needs of our country, against every individual's right to their own self-interest and private property, within a very specific set of "rules," designed to protect both sides of this coin, to simultaneously protect both our, "individual," and our, "social," interests.

Balance Sought
The Constitution seeks to balance out humans. Humans have two basic realities. They are members of a society,  part of a group, and they are simultaneously self-interested individuals. Each of us represents elements of this contradiction, at the same time. We are individuals in a group. Where does the balance lay?

Extreme Camps
Today those who are divided by the conflict between their group membership against their individual interests have divided themselves into the most extreme camps possible, with one side representing the Commies, the, "group," while the other side, the, capitalists, advance the notion of completely unfettered, "individualism."

Balance Required
I suggest balancing the individual and group needs along the line of the clear principals expressed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. These principals are typically unacceptable to the extreme commies or the extreme capitalists, who it never mentioned...

They (our rev forefathers) liked neither aristocrats, nor the mobs of France. They wanted neither here...

Limited Moral Authority
Both sides would rather impose their beliefs on everyone else, than acknowledge the other side's philosophy, and the right of each side to hold the other within the constraints of our Constitution. We need to restore that respect for our Constitution, and therefore of each other's rights, and their limits.

Fundamental Problem
The Constitution calls for democratic forms, a free press, and prohibits, "Nobility," while everyone seems to ignore we've been ruled by a corporate nobility which owns the press, and bribes everyone involved in our democracy, since the 1880s.

This is a fundamental problem that must be ended, before we can honestly address the rest of our problems

REAL American Dream
We would have quite a country if we could balance the rights of the group and individual along the philosophical balances written into our Constitution. That's my goal...



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