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Amazing Ancient Human Climate Interactions | High Sierra Backpacker

Amazing Ancient Human Climate Interactions

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 07 January 2020


Amazing Human-Climate Interactions

What a Long, Strange Trips It’s Been

Ancient farmers spared us from glaciers but profoundly changed Earth's climate,
University of Wisconsin-Madison, September 6, 2018.


Human Global Warming began a Long Time Ago
“Millenia ago, ancient farmers...may have been fundamentally altering the climate of the Earth.“

Ice Age Averted
“...without this human influence, by the start of the Industrial Revolution, the planet would have likely been headed for another ice age.”

First Human Tipping Point
“...the Holocene reversed direction 5,000 years ago, hitting peak concentrations of both gases by 1850.”

The Long Cycle
“For most of Earth's 4.5-billion-year history, its climate has largely been determined by a natural phenomenon known as Milankovitch Cycles, periodic changes in the shape of Earth's orbit around the sun - which fluctuates from more circular to more elliptical - and the way Earth wobbles and tilts on its axis.“

“Astronomers can calculate these cycles with precision and they can also be observed in the geological and paleoecological records. The cycles influence where sunlight is distributed on the planet, leading to cold glacial periods or ice ages as well as warmer interglacial periods. The last glacial period ended roughly 12,000 years ago (Holocene Heat Chart) and Earth has since been in the Holocene, an interglacial period.”

The Human Influence
"I noticed that methane concentrations started decreasing about 10,000 years ago and then reversed direction 5,000 years ago and I also noted that carbon dioxide also started decreasing around 10,000 years ago and then reversed direction about 7,000 years ago."

Early Anthropogenic Hypothesis
“...the only explanation I could come up with is early agriculture, which put greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and that was the start of it all."

The Current Situation
"Things are so far out of whack now, the last 2,000 years have been so outside the natural bounds, we are so far beyond what is natural."

Uncharted Territory
"The phenomenal fact is, we have maybe stopped the major cycle of Earth's climate and we are stuck in a warmer and warmer and warmer interglacial."


Bottom Line

Humans have transitioned from experienceing a cycle of Ice Ages, to a situation where our ancient development had already made those Ice Ages impossible, to our modern development building a greenhouse effect capable of destroying the ecosystems that created us.

Hawking: Soaring populations and increased energy demands will cause catastrophe



Milankovitch Cycles

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UPDATE, 1-2020: Tipping Points Falling Like Dominoes





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ancient farmers shifted Milankowitch cycles out of ice age cycle


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2018-09-06 20:16:58

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