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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 28 January 2011

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Analytical Survival

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to both a new feature on this forum, and to Analytical Survival.

The feature is "Friends of Tahoe to Whitney," and Analytical Survival is the first friend of TahoetoWhitney I would like to introduce you to.

Analytical Survival is YouTube channel dedicated to giving you the knowledge to maintain your own infrastructure, you personal, and your family security if, for any reason, our established infrastructure fails.

The topics explored and explained are laid out in sets of videos

Core Survival Series

Bug-out Food Series

Bug-out Vehicle Series

Bug-in Series

Methods and Strategies Series

Quick Tips Series

General Announcements

Check out Analytical Survival's top quality YouTube channel and Videos.

Things you should think about

I have lived along "The Ring of Fire," (as the ring of active fault zones around the Pacific Basin is called) in earthquake country my whole life. I felt the unrestrained power of the Loma Preita earthquake, and many more over my lifetime in California. We all watched Mount Saint Helens blow up, and New Orleans drown.

You would be foolish not to be reasonably prepared for disaster. As Analytical Survival's sub-theme so wisely points out in the video above, disasters happen on a predictable, reliable basis. This fact has been turned into a money-making venture by the insurance industry!

We only need look at Katrina's devastation to understand that the scope of disaster can exceed the capacity of emergency services, and the possibly even the wealth of the insurance industry itself. This makes the necessity of a survival plan quite clear.

Analytical Survival is TahoetoWhitney's highly recommended site for backpacker's looking to apply your backpacking skills to disaster and emergency preparedness.

My perspective is quite clear: If you have developed the skills, fitness, gear, and supplies of a long distance backpacker, it will be hard to kill you if the original disaster itself didn't get you first.

If you are geared up as a backpacker, you will have two weeks to reach a self-sustaining point, or hook up with infrastructure. Analytical Survival will take you into the long term. It is my honor, and a great pleasure, to introduce you to Analytical Survival:

Analytical Survival

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