Amazing Life: Microbes Live on Air

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 08 December 2017



Amazing Life

Real "Breatharians:" Microbes live on Thin, Cold Air

Living on thin air -- microbe mystery solved,

This opens up the thought that life can wedge a toehold across a wide range of extra-terrestrial conditions, that life could well be everywhere it can form-up the most fundamental energy-collection mechanisms. And, we all know what happens after that. Life starts interacting, interacting, and manipulating the physical environment around it, to suite its growth and sophistication. 


Our searching for exoplanets has turned up a number of candidates that may have such thin conditions, while here in our most extreme environments we've found unique biological mechanisms that well supporta life in these thinly endowed environments, and could well support life in harsh extraterrestial environments. 

The Living Universe: Two Stories, Islands of Hospitable Liquid Water in Space? & Not so Hospitable!

The page above has a set of recent exoplanet news links.



Amazing Life

Subzero Life Exists & Persists until Compressed into Ice




Water News



December 2017 High Sierra General News


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