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Oroville Dam History: Same Curse of Corruption Then as Now | High Sierra Backpacker

Oroville Dam History: Same Curse of Corruption Then as Now

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 06 March 2018



Same Criminals Now as Then, Just a Lot More of Them

David Little: An Oroville newsman tried to warn us,
Chico ER, February 18, 2018.


Little, David fires his Old Beebe vs. the Oroville Goliath

"Fifty-four years ago, Dan Beebe wrote that the state was cutting corners on construction at Oroville Dam to the point it “might become a slip-shod boondoggle ... and unsafe, as well."

"...Butte County Supervisor Bill Connelly of Oroville told me last week, “Dan Beebe was right.” "

“On Jan. 31, 1964...Probe Shows High Cost, Low Safety At Dam.”

"The story also questioned why an overlook structure at the dam, with no foundation and no plumbing, cost twice as much to build per square foot as Oroville’s new Las Plumas High School."

"A week after that, Beebe was asked to testify in Sacramento to a Senate committee investigating the dam. He told the senators that mismanagement was driving up the cost of the $122 million project, that construction changes were being made to financially benefit the contractor but without notice to the public, that inspectors weren’t doing their job and that consulting engineers were unhappy with the quality of the work."

"...In this situation, there is only one small newspaper with vital interest sufficient to stand against slid-shod boondoggling."


Same Bullshit Then as Now

"Three months later, the state released a report saying there was nothing to worry about."


Our Era has the Same Willful Blindness, too:

The current reporter, in the story above tells us the "moral" of Mr. Beebe's story was,

"...we all see now why it’s important to have watchdogs," while the story itself tells about how the "watchdogs" ignored Mr. Beebe's warnings!

He has got to be kidding! We can see the same system of institutional corruption pervading Mr. Beebe's days in 1964 echoed by the failures of our generation's corrupted state and federal, "watchdogs," leading up to the spillways failures, as documented through the links below.


2005 Report Ignored by "Watchdogs"

FERC said Oroville was OK…


2005 Report, “Smoking Gun.”

Oroville is institutionalized corruption

More Oroville Links

No. It's not important we have "watchdogs," what's important is that the greed and corruption of powerful corporate interests that long ago compromised the, "watchdogs," be clearly identified, then not be allowed to corrupt our public works from inception to failure. That's not what's been happening since the point in time that corporate wealth first dominated our economy, then our journalistic, and our political processes.

For christ's sake, the writer of this article hailed "watchdogs!" The very same State and Federal "watchdogs" that first publically "failed" in 1964, as described in the article above, and then "failed," again in 2005 when they rebuffed and refuted a prophetic scientific review about Oroville Dam's dangers. The "watchdogs" warded-off legitimate pushes at close inspection every time their political-crony construction and maintenance scams were put under public scrutiny and pressure.

I'd say all the bribed politicians, their political cronies, their appointees, and all the wanna-bees who designed,  created, and defended this vast public-subdized ripoff of our state's natural resources (to make the developer-banker-agricultural bribers billions) did, and are doing exactly what they are paid the "big bucks" to do: rip off the public and our natural resources. It's all pretty transparent. The big corporate interests have both the political parties on "retainer."


The Real Deal

Oroville Dam Emergency Officials did not Trust Political Officials

"Shitty" Emergency Situation: Nobody Trusts Bribed Politician: Full Failure

Oroville Mayor Taking "Political" Talking Points during Emergency

Citizens Don't Trust Corrupted California Government: Como?

The Oroville Disaster forced the press to look at Oroville, and all they see is a superficial disaster, when the real disasters are the double-barrelled disasters lodged deeply in the ethical and institutional corruptions of our wealth and safety for special-interest gain. Corrupt Influences are the "cornerstone" that made this flawed dam possible in the first place, then these same corrupt influences sustained those flaws through deferred maintenance into cascading failures.
Despite the disaster forcing the press to observe all this obvious long-term corruption, the press ignores, and refuses to reveal the deep, pervasive, underlying institutional corporate-influenced corruption that's neutralized our democratic defenses of the public good, critically damaging our, "General Welfare." That's what Oroville and its Disaster reveals.

That's a big part of our problem: even when our "free press" is forced to identify the symptoms and sources of corruption, the "root and branch," they still fail to see, phrasing corruption as being some vague, unidentified, "institutional problems." That's the real story "behind" the Oroville Dam Crisis:

Political corruption has abrogated our politician's ethics and neutralized journalistic responsibility, both of which were designed and appointed to protect and keep our "democratic processes" running clean.
Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are crafted to keep anyone, any class, interest group, or party who gained political power within the specific constraints of our very specific Constitutional Values and Restraints on Governmental Power.

The main story here is that those restraints, our main, "democratic defences" have been breeched by the forces of organized greed.
The main and typically most powerful weapon of greed is wealth, traditionally in the form of the bribe, euphemistically called, "campaign contributions," today. Billions and billions of them.
Corporate corruption of both party and politician has resulted in our governmental power and taxing authority becoming nothing more than subsidizer and subsidies, respectively, for corrupted billionaires and their monopolistic corporate empires. Never have fewer had more.

This whole "Oroville Incident," from its inception to the present day, is a clear indictment of our political system's having been completely institutionally corrupted by the organized forces of corporate greed, at every level of govenmental operation, for generations.

Shining a little light on the details of the historical genesis and subsequent evolution of the "Oroville Incident," above, let alone looking at the "on the spot" incompentence of its "political" emergency management during the crisis itself, shows us just how vital it is for our health and safety that we break these corrupt connections between corporate wealth and political power: they are physically dangerous, as well as ethically bankrupt.

The Unholy Alliance forged by and between the corporate, journalistic, & political powers in the United States is a right now a clear and present danger to our Constitution, let alone the damages they've already done our environment, health, wealth, and every aspect of our safety. This Unholy Alliance of political and corporate power has badly damaged all three. The Corporate State and its Growth Machine of Death threatens everything "good." This is only, "true," if you do not believe that, "greed is good."

If you do believe that, that, "greed is good," then everything is perfect today! In that case, asset-stripping man and nature are small prices to pay to feed that greed, and push yourself higher.

Thus it is that our, "Political Temples," our state and federal legislatures, have become temples to and of greed, and they are open for business. In this system it's not the voter, nor even the "representatives" themselves who are in control.
The real power lays with the representatives of the various alliances of the corporate money-changers (the "lobbyists"), who are in full operational control of our political temples, representing the combined "will" of each of the main sectors our economy breaks itself down into. These are the people who control our polity. It's quite simple:

Those who control the purse-strings of politican and party controls both. Controlling this, this, "funding high ground," has made it remarkably easy for our corporate elite to asset-strip both the wealth of our citizens and the resources of our natural environment from, "Sea to Shining Sea."

These are the people who've kicked the fuck out of our natural environment, by kicking the fuck out of our democratic institutions. The Oroville Dam Debacle brilliantly highlights this classically typical example of how our corporate elite and their bribed political minions used our money to screw us, to subsidize expanding their irresponsible growth scam to titanic proportions.

It's brilliant, in an evil genius sort of way. But seriously, how many times can you, "Chinatown," a people before they finally catch on to the scam?

"Muwa-Ha-Ha...," he laughed. "Lots."

I say we're done, and that we've got to end all corporate "contributions" in any way, shape, or form into party politics.


National G Documentary
Water & Power: A California Heist



Oroville Dam Safety a Joke from Constuction to Disaster

Oroville is a symbol of a deeper problem


Oroville Highlights both Press & Political Corruptions

Putting Oroville Corruption into an American Historical Context
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