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Megacity Thieves, Grouse, and Ranchers Fight over Diminishing East Sierra Waters | High Sierra Backpacker

Megacity Thieves, Grouse, and Ranchers Fight over Diminishing East Sierra Waters

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 12 December 2019


Megacity Thieves, Grouse, and Ranchers Fight over Diminishing Waters

Los Angeles reduces Eastern Sierra water deliveries because of climate change. At risk, ranchers say, is a way of life,
LA Times, September 24, 2018.


Ranchers Out
“...LADWP has for seven decades provided several lessees in the area about 5 acre-feet of water per acre per year, which made their pastures nutritious through the summer and added luster to the area’s hiking, biking and angling hotspots. (An acre-foot of water equals about 326,000 gallons, more than enough to supply two households for a year.)”

“...new 20-year leases for 10 longtime ranchers in area, the department says lessees should anticipate that little to no water will be available for them.”

Grouse Lifeline

“...it would continue diverting about 1,000 acre-feet of water per year to protect the estimated 600 sage grouse in the area, a segment of a subspecies only found along the California-Nevada border.

LA Megacity Fraud
“The cutbacks have enraged residents in a region defined by water wars since the early 1900s, when Los Angeles city agents posed as ranchers and farmers to buy land and water rights in Mono and nearby Inyo counties. Their goal was to build the aqueduct system needed to meet the needs of the growing metropolis 300 miles to the south.”

MONO Responds
“We refuse to accept that climate change and ratepayer obligations justify the impacts to our natural environment and regional economy.” “Quite simply, LADWP’s arbitrary plan is nothing more than a veiled water grab.”

“On Aug. 15, the county filed a lawsuit against the city and the agency asserting that they violated the California Environmental Quality Act by altering management policies without first analyzing their potential effects, including the increased risk of fire on dewatered pastures.”

“Inyo-Mono Agricultural Commissioner Nathan Reade estimates that the loss to the Mono County economy may be as high as $8 million per year.”

Sage Grouse Protection
“...a U.S. District Court judge recently overturned the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s decision not to consider petitions from environmental groups to place the bird on the endangered species list.”

Grouse Preserve
“...the ruling that also proposed a designation of 1.8 million acres of critical habitat across the western U.S.”

Sage Grouse Numbers
“...once numbered more than a million may be down to a few hundred thousand birds scattered across parts of 11 states. About 80% of the sage grouse’s historic nesting grounds have been lost to human development, including ranches and farms.”

LA Manages Water for Megacity Development
not Common Sense, Goodness, Nature, Grouse, or Ranchers…
“It’s not in the department’s best interests to have this species listed — or to have ratepayers’ land made critical habitat,” said Dave Martin, an environmental affairs officer with the LADWP. “That’s because it would give outside agencies a say in how we manage Los Angeles’ land and water resources.”


“...one of the most complicated and multifaceted environmental controversies I’ve ever seen.”


The Bottom Line

We’ve grown much too big for our britches, and our environment.

It's our policies of irresponsible growth and offshoring our manufacturing to China that’s put us and our environment into this untenable, unsustainable trajectory of growth triggering steadily diminishing precipitation and increasing temperatures.

Fix the Planet
Want to stop the trajectory of CO2 growth? We’ve got to stop the physical, demographic growth, first.

Stop Illegal CO2
Then, by adding Jerry Brown’s current climate initiatives to the ending of offshoring our manufacturing to Filthy China, along with ending all immigration, then following-up by voiding the millions of driver’s licenses issued to illegals, and finally, our strongest environmentalist action will be the complete removal of the tens of millions of illegals in our state and around our country, only then we will have begun being effective environmentalists.

Planned Irrelevance
our environmental policies are made irrelevant by the uncontrolled, unlimited immigration and offshoring generating far more pollution (and poverty) than the policies of, "corporate environmentalism," forestalls.

It's Ethics...
Once we put our ethics and values above our greed, and the greed of foreigners, our CO2 production will plunge immediately, before beginning a long, steady decline.

Stopping the irresponsible growth will stop the irresponsible and the illegal's production of CO2, stopping the ongoing destruction of our environment all of this irresponsible growth is driving.
The fact is that we don't need one more person in LA, in the deserts East of LA, nor in the whole Southwest of the US, as our irresponsible growth up to this point has already driven the whole Southwest of the US into the long term aridification of the growing megadrought we are just at the beginning of.

The Criminals
We've got to stop the greed, cheating, and corruption of millions of people, mostly composed of our corrupted, politician-bribing corporate elite, and their foreign and domestic minions, to save our environment, let alone our country.



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LADWP cuts off Mono County ranchers, Sage Grouse protections may balance megacity madness against nature and ranchers


Originally Published
2018-09-25 17:53:37

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