Katadyn (Pur) Hiker backpacker water filter review

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 18 November 2014

Katadyn Hiker Water Filter
Information and Review

My old Hiker Pur filter is shown below. It is exactly the same as the Katadyn Hiker. Katadyn bought the Pur filter company in 2001, and continues to manufacture exactly the same Hiker Water Filter with interchangable replacement parts.

Katadyn Hiker = Pur Hiker.

It still works like a champ in 2014.

I bought my HIker Pur in the mid-1990s. I should have the reciept around here some where... I've only replaced filters, and not very often at that. The pre-filter is long gone, and the hoses have needed to be replaced a few times.

I've brought this on 3 or 4 of my 5 Tahoe to Whitney hikes, endless Tahoe to Yosemite trips, and even on an 8600 mile circumnavigation of the whole damn country of Mexico... and it has worked almost flawlessly.

I got the "dead stick" problem from a stuck check valve once, which really threw me until I figured it out and fixed it. The "bigger hammer" solution...haha...

I pump a light bleach/water mix through after each trip, and blow off the external surfaces of the filter with fast-moving water after every trip or two.

Katadyn Hiker Water Filter

Old Hiker Pur backpacking Water Filter for fast and pure drinking water.
Above I have the pur hiker set up on a sitting rock for filtration of drinking water. Cooking and hot drink water are not filtered, but poured from the jug into the stove pot. Only drinking water is filtered.

Hiker Pro: reliable, quick, and cheap to use and maintain for well over 10 years. Katadyn bought the line a long time ago, and my 25 dollar bomb-proof filter now costs 75 bucks! God knows what replacement filters cost, but I'm guessing it's more than the original pump and filter. Damn.


As I mentioned above, the check valve in the bottom of the unit can stick, resulting in no pressure on the pump shaft or in the pump-shaft chamber. 

There is a check valve between the bottom of the pump housing and the bottom of the filter housing

Rap it (the bottom of the filter housing in proximity to the check valve) solidly and firmly against a boulder. This should loosen it. This is a rare problem, but it happens.

I have seen this problem make folks hate the Katadyn Hiker. Nothing is more frustrating that gear failure at the point of need. This happens to the Pur Hiker infrequently.

I could also imagine the check-valve spring could break, but I've never yet seen that.

It is much more common for loss of pump pressure to be a result of the pump shaft losing the lubrication that keeps its seal tight. Clean the pump chamber and re-lube the seal, and you should be good to go.

Another use for the small bottle of baby oil we keep in our personal supplies...

Water is a Vital Part of the Backpacking Camp Kitchen
Complete food and water gear for the long distance High Sierra Backpacker.
 Above: Everything we need for 10 days of food and water down the trail. I have my Pur Hiker in the gray "Sweetwater" water filter pouch. That pouch with the net-fabric top is the best ditty sack for water filters ever!

Though I "retired" the Sweetwater, its sack is still in the field holding the superior Pur Hiker Filter.

All hikers can post up their experiences and information about the Katadyn-Pur Hiker Pro Water Filter through the comments link below.

Members can comment and post up their own reviews in all the gear forums.

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