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NORTH HEMISPHERE HEATWAVE, Everything Frying: Three Articles, UPDATED | High Sierra Backpacker

NORTH HEMISPHERE HEATWAVE, Everything Frying: Three Articles, UPDATED

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 28 July 2018



Heatwave Turns Europe Brown,
NASA Earth Observatory, July 30, 2018.


JULY 28.

The Incredible Northern Hemisphere Heatwave

Heatwaves from the Arctic to Japan: a sign of things to come?
AFP, July 27, 2018.

"Intense heatwaves...are set to become increasingly frequent around the world due to climate change, experts warn."

"...in Northern Europe the recent heatwave is exceptional, and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) predicts temperatures will continue to beat the seasonal average from Ireland to Scandinavia and the Baltic countries until early August."

Super Heatwave
"Generally we have heatwaves in one part of the planet...But now we have the entire northern hemisphere being hot -- it's stunning."

A Physical Reflection of Our Greed
"...the soaring temperatures of recent weeks "are consistent with what we expect as a result of climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions."

"...the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society concluded in December that global warming was solely responsible for worldwide record temperatures recorded in 2016 as well as an extreme heatwave in Asia."

The New Normal
"Heatwaves of the kind seen in 2003, which caused around 70,000 deaths in Europe, 'risk becoming the norm after 2050 or 2060.'."

Our Certain Future
"Every year we are going to be setting new record temperatures from Russia to France to Japan."


July 24

Everything Frying:

Three Articles

US, Europe, & SoCal All Frying, Heatwaves, Fires, Records, & More Coming


Article 1> Southeast Frying

Article 2> World Frying

Article 3> SoCal Frying

Fire & Heat Links




US Southwest sizzles as temperatures near 120 degrees,
AP, July 23, 2018.

"Temperatures approached 120 degrees in parts of the U.S. Southwest on Monday, and forecasters said this week could bring the region’s hottest weather of the year."

"A heat advisory was in effect for west Texas and southeast New Mexico into Monday evening, with high temperatures well into the triple digits, the service said."


The Backpacker's Weather Page

Heat Warnings

Whole Southwest Graphical US Temps-Forecasts

All High Sierra Forecast Zones






The global heat wave that's been killing us,
DW, July 18, 2018.

Hot N Hemisphere

"On June 28, Glasgow reached its hottest June day ever, with 31.9 degrees Celsius, and the Irish town of Shannon its highest temperature ever recorded at 32 degrees."

"Germans have enjoyed — or suffered — temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius for most of May and June. In the country of Georgia, July 4 made history with 40.5 degrees Celsius."

"Montreal, in Canada, recorded the highest temperature in 147 years of record-keeping on July 2. The heat wave there killed more than 70 people."

"Thermometers in Japan, Russia and Algeria, among other places, were also on fire. On July 5, the Ouargla weather station in Algeria’s Sahara Desert reported the highest reliable temperature ever recorded in Africa: 51.3 degrees Celsius."


"Heat waves have caused much higher fatalities in Europe in recent decades than any other extreme weather event."


"Heat and humidity form a particularly deadly combination for humans."

"Mosquitos like Aedes aegypti are spreading into new regions due at least in part to rising temperatures."


"Wildfires are another sad result of unusually sunny days, and lack of rainfall has caused large fires in the UK, Sweden and in Russia, where 80,000 hectares of forest have been devastated this season."

Crop Failures

"Farmers and crops are further victims of heat waves and droughts."





Another July Heatwave

Another prolonged heatwave for southern & interior CA; hottest July on record statewide?
WeatherWest, July 22, 2018.

"One of the most impressive heatwaves in recorded history brought truly blistering heat to Southern California earlier this month."

"Yet more heat is on the way, and it will affect most of the same areas that have been hardest hit so far this summer. While this event will almost certainly not feature temperatures as extreme as the early July event, numerous daily records could still fall in SoCal between Monday and Thursday of the upcoming week."


Last Heatwave, Earlier this month...

Searing but localized weekend heatwave across SoCal; heat slowly spreads north in coming days,
Weather West, July 4, 2018.



Heat & Fire Now

Ferguson Fire: Bad News Prediction



Early July

Five Articles

The N Hemisphere is on Fire



Heat Records


More on the Way

Climate Crash News, Weird Weather: Heat Wave-a-topia, More Heat Waves Coming



Heat Waves


KARMA IS COMING: Global Warming Will Fry the Whole Middle East



Extreme Weather Increasing

Melbourne and Sydney should prepare for 123 degrees F.

What a year: Extreme heat, rain, record number of 100-degree days

Scripps says climate change may represent "existential" threat to humanity

Continuing Hottest Records Shattered 


Chaotic Weather bears "fingerprints" of Climate Change

Tahoe Cooking

Record Temps Human Caused

2015-2016 clearly warmer than any other year





July News of Man & Nature









Nature News


Climate Destruction News



Bee News

Bear News

Spider Forum

Bird News

Small Mammals

Frogs and Reptiles

Butterfly News


Health and Fitness

Mountain Safety

Mosquito News

Female Trail

High Sierra History


Astro-Phys, Space, & Science News

High Sierra Geology News

Fish, Oceans, & Water News



All High Sierra News






July 2018 heat waves frying northern hemisphere


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2018-07-24 17:32:54 -0700

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