Missy the Dog Captured after Two Winter Weeks on the Run

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 09 March 2018


We've Got Another Runner, We've Got Another Runner

Missy is Just Fine, Thanks...

Missy the dog captured after two weeks on the run,
Union Democrat, March 8, 2018.

We've had an interesting run of canine stories this Winter, starting with Lucky the Lucky Coyote, then Ace, who spent a couple of weeks in the Long Valley Caldera, and now Missy, who seemed to be doing quite well for herself during a couple of week roaming in the low foothills around Twain Harte during the middle of this cold Winter.

Well, since Missy is a St Bernard, bred for even higher altitude adventures, she had the tools in the box to backup her run for freedom. It seems Missy had a hard puppyhood, and to her the wild life could rationally appear much more appealing than the domestic. They actually had to trap her! And, she looked good after her romp...

Here's the highlights

"Missy was at Strobel’s house for less than 24 hours after being transferred from the Friends of the Animal Community Shelter in Sonora, and slipped through a gate that had been left ajar."

Rescue Me?
"...seen several times by residents in the Cedar Ridge, Brentwood Park and Kewin Mill areas...Missy ignored their calls."

"...amazed that the dog had been able to persist through some of the “worst weather ever.” "

"Freezing snowstorms fell on the Twain Harte area while Missy was on the loose."

"...when the snowpack settled, searchers were able to track her."

"People kept seeing her but nobody could catch her."

"Within five hours of the trap’s installation (set with a pound of cooked ground turkey, Wilson said), Bernie Horstkamp heard barking."

"Strobel speculated that Missy may have dealt with trauma in her early life which prompted her skittish behavior at his home.

The two weeks on the run appeared to reconcile her wild instincts, he said, and her demeanor at home since the capture is a complete reversal from before."

Nonetheless, "...she only lost three pounds over the two weeks."

Ace, another runner referred to below, lost between 20 & 30 pounds during his two week sojurn from civilization.

Be it man or beast, spending some time in the High Sierra settles the soul and lays out the grand context. If you are ready for it. Missy was apparently born ready.

The local coyotes in the Caldera were likely planning on wearing old Ace out over the long term, then finishing the game as he weakened. When the coyotes running around Twain Harte saw Missy, they all howled, "What the Fuck is That?"

Missy likely thought the coyotes were hunting rabbits to feed her, it she could not get to either the coyotes or the rabbits herself.  I'll bet the coyotes around Twain Harte will be talking about Missy for a long, long time. She's likely earned herself a special place on their threat list.


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