Geology News: Geo Electro-Magnitism: 3D mapping of the Crust and Mantle

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 13 December 2017




Geo Electro-Magnitism

3D mapping of the Crust and Mantle

Space weather, EarthScope, and protecting the national electrical grid,
EarthScope National Office, December 12, 2017.

Studying the effects of the, “...electromagnetic characteristics of the ground surrounding power lines when assessing risk to the power grid from space weather events."

The fact is that we live under the protection of the magnetic field generated by the rotation of the iron core of the Earth. Without it, high energy particles from our Sun and deep space would cook our planet. The natural electromagnetic shield that makes life possible on this planet also presents a fundamental threat to our electrical grid.

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How to capture the power of the Earth

Our planet’s life-saving electromagnetic field introduces the possibility of cooking our electrical grid’s transmission lines, if they are both properly aligned during an electromagnetic "event."
During normal conditions transmission lines are capable of picking up some of our planet’s natural electromagnetic power. This relationship introduces unique problems during abnormal times.

Any major solar eruption or electromagnetic discharge also follows the lines of our planet’s  electromagnetic fields, and potentially onto the grid’s power lines. Now this research shows that this  is especially true if the power lines are lined-up with the local alignment of our planet’s geomagnetic field.

Going a step further, the research above shows that, "...a ground electrical field parallel to a power transmission line will generate a geomagnetically induced current in the line, while a perpendicular orientation will not."

This is why our compasses always point to magnetic North.


Exploring the Structure and Evolution of the North American Continent.


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Electromagnetic Information

Using Earth's geomagnatism to our advantage:

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