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Under Threat: The Endangered Species Act and the Plants and Wildlife It Protects | High Sierra Backpacker

Under Threat: The Endangered Species Act and the Plants and Wildlife It Protects

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 29 November 2017



Eco-Crash News
The REAL DRIVER of Species & Ecosystem Destruction

The Corporate Growth Machine of Death

Under Threat
The Endangered Species Act and the Plants and Wildlife It Protects,
Center for American Progress, November 28, 2017.

The "...rapid loss of species we are seeing today is...between 1000 and 10,000 times higher than the ‘background’ or expected natural extinction rate..."

Do you believe the Endangered Species Act will stop that? The ESA only deals with species long after they are already going down!
To stop our environmental collapse we must stop the fundamental force driving the extincitons in the first instance. This demands we stop all of our population growth, and bring our population down under the numbers required to allow full, thriving Natural ecosystems to operate from sea to shining sea.

We have grown ourselves into this problem, and we can only shrink our way out of it. More humans means less Nature, and we have already critically damaged the human-natural balance with the obscene number of people we have already crammed into our country, let alone what the world has done to itself.
The only way to save what remains of our natural world is to control our greedy desires, to finally put our greedy desires second to our values and ethics, if we can even remember what values and ethics are, aside from greed... just to be clear, greed is a desire, not an "ethic."

We must break the links between wealth and political power that have put our rule of law aside. In terms of environmentalism, this translates easily into policy.

No Mexican is above our laws, and is certainly not qualified for citizenship because they broke our laws for a long time. That is ridiculous. Desires unregulated by ethics do not become valid over any length of time.
I don't care what the Pope or your "Profit," or Prophet demands... my American laws and their ethical basis are each citizen's right, and they are above your religious beliefs and your greed, or any combination of the two. Your citizenship cannot be based on violating them. Our Constitution fundamentally limits your beliefs to your own self-regulation, not mine, or my country's.

This means that neither your mexicans, nor your religion, nor your greed, not one human at all, are above the most fundamental terms of our Rule of Law, despite the loud and enduring claims to the contrary. It is clear that violating our laws, then claiming yourself above them, precludes one from "citizenship." The claim itself negates the very basis of American sovereignty itself, as a mutual, self-limiting agreement between consenting adults. Citizenship cannot be imposed, stolen, nor bought.

American Citizenship is a matter of the content of your character, a set of specific mutual values, not the depth of your desires. Our nation will continue to have problems until we again clarify the fundamental terms of our mutual relationship. Our "leaders" have made up their own terms.

WE can depend on the greed of our throughly corporate-bribed politicians to block any definition of citizenship that exceeds that of a "consumer," of anything  that gets in the way of their rapid population expansion plans, of their continuing expansion of cheap labor, of growing "markets" by continuing the importation of millions and millions of obedient illegal, fully-subsidized cheap labor "consumers," to their corporate briber-"sponsors."

Nothing will impede their sovereignty of greed and self-gratification currently controlling our polity. Our corporate elite and their political and media allies will not allow anything to stop their enduring, expanding quest for power. Not our Constitution, nor it's values, not law, nor ethics, not even the very real physical restraints of our environment. Thus their movement to be rid of the ESA.

When I say "obedient" mexicans, I mean obedient to their own greed & self-gratification, not our American laws and ethics, just like their American corporate "sponsors" and American employers & all those who've all kicked our laws, Rule of Law, and Constitutional principals to the curb in their vile pursuit of profit and power. All greedy cheaters are natural allies of our greedy corporate elite and their corrupted political parties. Their mutual greed binds them together. "Cheaters of a feather stick together," for their mutual profits, payoffs, and protection...

Greed is the one true global religion that all the traitors of all cultures bow down to, and bind themselves together by. 

Sadly, it's here in the US where "our" modern corporate elite uses their international empire of corporate greed to draw together all the strands of global, multicultural greed, and truly bind them all together into today's modern, updated, version of the classic empires of yore into today's American Corporate Globalism, AKA, our global corporate empire. This is not at all what our revolutionary forefathers had in mind when they ran their Revolution to build our Nation based on the principals they wrote into our Constitution.

The vast majority of them, our revolutionary and constitutional forefathers, would be aghast at the empire they laid the foundation for. They are spinning in their graves.

Pure Greed vs Pure Blood
As our border has been penetrated by millions of "profit-seekers," so too must The Endangered Species Act go, if we are to continue our conversion into a state of corporate aristocrats and peasants, kind of like Mexico's Spanish Aristocrats & peasants, but a bit different... our corporate aristocrats are motivated by pure greed, rather than the rascist "pure Spanish blood" that rules over Mexico's peasants. They have real racism in Mexico, with the Mexicans feeling themselves as racially superior over the Indians, exactly as the Spanish feel themselves above Mexicans.

Neither of these systems of Aristocratic Corporate Greed nor of Aristocratic Blood Authority are acceptable to any Americans who actually understand the principals that our Country, Constitution, and Bill of Rights were based on, and built to preserve. Our system was not build to serve greed nor aristocracy, but to limit both. It assumed both of these tendencies had to be severely restrained.

And, our Constitution was specifically designed to serve the needs of Americans, not the dreams of greedy foreigners, as it has been intentionally misconstrued by our corporate aristocracy. Our corporate aristocrats well know to whom, and what irresponsible social processes they owe their illegitimate social & economic status, their wealth & power:
To unrestrained, organized greed.

The age of the robber barons used exactly the same system of mass immigration to environmentally asset-strip the whole East Coast, drain the human wealth out of the whole Eastern half of our Nation, finish off the Indians in the West, and use those criminal profits and power to grow themselves into a tyranical corporate aristocracy, and finally, launch an empire. Don't even get me started on the empire, on who, how, and why we support the global chain of evil we openly support. Nonetheless, it was the last era of mass immigration that was the basis of the domestic aristocracy, and their first engagement into the great game of world domination. But we were just getting started...

During this, our era, the Western half of our country has now been completely environmentally asset-stripped, the complete wealth of the nation moved again to the top, and this wealth and power used to launch "our"  generation's "evolution" of our corporate aristocracy into the Corporate Fascist State. Our generation's version of the corporate empire has gone bat-shit crazy.
This era's mass migrants and our "progressive" corporate overlords have a lot to be proud of, by fully unchaining the corporate beast upon America, and the world.

The Beast feeds on greed, and it has been well fed.

This country we live in is the best of both Republican and Democrat "worlds," the crowning achivement of their "dreams." Thus it is part, "Mission Accomplished," and part, "Change you can Believe In!" combined together. It is the living completion of all the corporate politician's finest dreams, where the most successful at the game of greed have all the power, and impose it on all who have less, here and around the world.

This is the country we live in today, at the center of its "globalization" empire.

At this late stage, the only thing that can save us and our environment are our own American ethics. Not the robber baron's "oppertunism," nor any bullshit, "Dreams," but our own real revolutionary forefather's full protections of our citizen's bottom-up fundamental rights and soveregnity can turn back the processes of organized corruptions that've grown our country to its ethical destruction, while physically destroying our environment.

Our growth has reached the point that we have ecosystems just collapsing on their own, we have populations of species are so thin we must eliminate the ESA, and about every other environmental regulation, if we want to keep growing at all, at the very same time our corporate masters are stuffing millions and millions of "consumers" into the US.

Our fundamental Constitutional principals have long been damaged, and now they've finally been broken, by the flood tides of imported greedy, cheating bastards who've been imported by, and combined together with our domestic corporate aristocracy to steal and strip-out the last remaining bits of natural and human wealth of our nation.

That's what we've been watching happen over the last fifty years of irresponsible growth, growth that's ravaged the US infrastructure and our social & political institutions, while enriching our corporate elite: The rapid asset-stripping of Man & Nature by the Organized Forces of Greed, with our corporate elites and their mexicans playing the leading roles in asset-stripping our nation.

Anything that impedes their cheating greed will first be villified, then cast away. Like our ethics were replaced by desire, and our liberties by licence...

Our fundamental laws prohibit the imposition of either religious principals, or illegal people upon our citizens, which our leaders have combined both together into a new, "progressive religion," that they relentless impose on everyone in our country. Their "neo-liberal progressive values" are now above our laws, far above our simple, mutual, Constitutional deal, that we each protect each other's rights. Nope. They take our rights away, not protect them, because they "know better," and their morals are superior to our Rule of Law.

Nope, Mexicans don't have to agree to, let alone understand, our self-limiting Constitution when they, and their corporate sponsors, put themselves above our mutual agreement, and call each other. "Americans!"
They are really "identifying" and relating on a deeper "power" than our honor or ethics as "Americans," they are bonding on their mutual greed, their mutual self-interest, and their mutual desires for self-gratification. That leads their actions, not any value system at all, let alone our specific American values.

We live in a system of institutionalized desire fueled by corruption.

In the meantime, our corporate leadership pursues war around the world, typified by their, "Wars" on Drugs & "Terror." The former is pursued through domestic police state practices on Americans, the latter through a series of war crimes and crimes against humanity, all to protect their crumbling Evil Empire. What happens here in the "homeland," is critical to continuing their foreign and domestic crimes.
Here in the "Homeland" our corporate overlords omit, and must prevent the enforcement of our most fundamental constitutional principals that clearly prohibit such bullshit domestic, such, "prohibitions," and,  "Evil Empires," from ever rising out of the American polity in the first place.

Our Constitution was designed to prevent aristocracies and empires from building themselves on our national foundation. Well, I guess those prohibitions have clearly failed...

WE've seen our country be hijacked by the forces of Organized Greed, and by our own gulibility that we Americans could ever presume to define "good," for other citizens, and be able to impose it domestically, let alone internationally. Our Constitution avoided that specific question, that "trap," by leaving the decision as to what was "good," up to each individual citizen to decide for themselves.

That's a subtle and fundamental value in our Constitutional agreement that the mexicans and corporates have put themselves above, when they call each other, "Americans!" That ship has sailed... now we fight one against another to impose our will one on the other, then upon the world. That's bullshit. Let me clarify.

Any citizen or person who attempts to impose their views, practices, or millions of illegals on their fellow citizens is the real problem. That's what is un-American, no matter how important you feel it is to impose your "values" on your fellow citizens.

We've got to abandon many of our most basic impositional social & political assumptions, and we've got to do it quickly, if we want to preserve any remnants of our political & natural legacies as Americans.


Are you a Child of the Robber Barons or our Revolutionary Forefathers?

Are you a Green or a Corporate Green?

Fake Environmentalists have Failed 







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