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Next Step in Destruction of California Ecology: THE DEVILS STRAWS | High Sierra Backpacker

Next Step in Destruction of California Ecology: THE DEVILS STRAWS

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 09 June 2018



The Next Step in Destruction of California Ecology

No Vote for You!

Costly Infrastructure Project That Won’t Be on the California Ballot,
Water Deeply, June 1, 2018.


Scamming Us for Corporate Profits

"...Governor Jerry Brown’s $17 billion twin tunnels project, known as WaterFix, which completely bypasses a vote of the people."

"WaterFix will result in sizable rate increases for tens of millions of Californians living in the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) service area. Deep-pocketed water districts that decimated the Owens Valley still have tunnel vision. When all seemed lost for the tunnels and financing could not be agreed upon, MWD, intent on locking in a huge water grab, agreed to fund most of the tunnels project, hypothesizing that it could squeeze substantial funds from other water districts when they got thirsty down the road."

"...the Delta Counties Coalition, an alliance of the counties of Contra Costa, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Solano and Yolo, will continue to fight against WaterFix to protect the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and provide all Californians with better, reliable and less costly water solutions."



"While voters will not have a say about WaterFix at the ballot box next week, the Delta Counties Coalition and other statewide interests are aggressively pursuing actions to stop the tunnels. Governor Brown terms out this year and the next governor must know that you and most Californians are against it."

There is no "slick" opposition to the corporate growth machine of death in the corproate press or politics, only the unorganized concernes about the general welfare of our citizens and the ecology of their state, by our citizens. The corporate-owned press and politicians are not concerned with that, but are focused on expanding the megacity sized gratification of consumer desires that feed corporate profits. They must have the Devils Straws to continue the massive expansion and perpetuate the illusion endless growth of SoCal that their stealing of Owens Valley's water began.

Endless growth is the cornerstone of their irresponsible power and wealth. The corporate powers of California need to steal the totality of Northern California's water to continue growing SoCal into the deserts East of LA.

The article above focuses on the economic costs of the Devils Straws, and who bears them. Even more important are the complex sets of long term consequences of giving Southern California full access to Delta Waters.

First, this water will be used for the build-up of massive development East of LA into San Berdo and the Imperial Valley along the highway corridors to Vegas and Phoenix. California's political and economic "leaders" plan for moving the rest of Mexico's population into Southeast California needs full access to Northern California's water to realise their objectives.

Second, our climate is clearly shifting to a warmer and wetter era that will not provide anywhere near the traditional snowpack and water we've historically received in California. The Era of Traditional Weather is over in California.

The vast expansion of population we've already inflicted on California, and its even further expansion based on stealing Norther California's water through the Devils Straws, are both based on a crumbling foundation of radically diminishing water supplies, if the Devils Straws are built or not.

The first consequence will be the environmental and social costs of adding tens of millions more illegal and third world persons into the Southwest of the US. As soon as the consequences of putting millions more persons into our warming and drying deserts becomes clear, the politicians will demand more water from the Delta, and the Devils Straws will allow them to take it.

Here's what they will do: They will put millions of "persons" into the deserts East of LA, who will be dependent on Delta water. Drying times and drought will cut off their water, as we all know will happen. The politicians will respond by insisting the "adaptive" water policy guiding and restricting the Devils Straws extractions of Delta water to preserve fish and ecology be "adapted" to favor the illegals in the deserts over the fish in our rivers and streams, just like Jerry did with his fracking bribers.

Jerry Explains why we need to Drill for Oil Everywhere

Stuffing California FULL of Millions of CRIMINAL FOREIGN CONSUMERS

Jerry told us that we've got to drill for more oil for all the people who've come to California, after stuffing in, and fully subsidizing and "legally" sheilding the illegal movements of millions of crimigrants into California. Nothing like creating and "solving" your own problems, while breaking wages, serving your oil company overlords, all while smashing our natural environment. Destroying our ecological and social infrastructures is good politics today.



Fitzgerald: For water, they’d take your rights,
Recordnet, May 17, 2018.

The Corporate State

"But seriously. The plethora of opportunities Calvert describes did not include allowing the people of California a vote on this $17 billion (for starters) project. We couldn’t use the ballot box; now we can’t use the courts?"

That is the plan...




Democrat Twin Tunnels (Devils Straws) Indemnified by Republican Conservative



The Funding

Taxpayer Cash Illegally funding Devils Straws


Irresponsible Growth Funded by Rubes: Devils Straws Stealing Water to Kill Nature



Screwing our Citizens to Pay for Massive Corporate Profits
The "Old Swicheroo"




Brown, Bribed Dem Pols Will Kill you for BRIBES:

Phone Companies

Wastewater into Wells

No problem, trashing our water

No problem poisioning our crops

Brown’s Big Bribes for Big Oil

Brown Owned by Oil, we Boned by Oil




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