Great Northern Hemisphere Heat Wave of 2018: Two Articles: Sweden Shrinking, Europe Frying

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 19 August 2018


The Great Northern Hemisphere Heat Wave of 2018

Two Articles: Sweden Shrinking, & Europe Frying

1>Sweden Shrinking

Sweden's Highest Peak Melts Away as Record Temperatures Hit Arctic Circle,
Time, August 3, 2018.

Main Points

Arctic Circle Heatwave
"A summer heatwave in the Arctic circle has claimed a victim in Sweden’s highest point, a glacier on Kebnekaise mountain in the north of the country."

"Melting fueled by the heat has caused the peak to lose 13 feet in height."

"Just a month ago, the glacier reached 6,893 feet above sea level. At the latest measurement on Tuesday, it was just 6,879 feet is now no longer the highest point in the country."

“We know that it has melted because it is very hot."

Arctic Circle at 90F
"Northern Europe has been sweltering in a heatwave that scientists fear is a result of climate change. Banak in Norway, over 350 miles into the Arctic Circle, reached 90 degrees on Monday."



2>Euros, and even the Northern Euros, are Baking

Arctic Circle hits 32C as Europe heatwave nears record temperatures,
9 News, (Aussies), August 1, 2018.

Main Points

Arctic Circle Hot

32C = 89.6F

Summertime Average = 62.4F

"Spain and Portugal are bracing for the mercury to break the all-time European heat record of 48C later this week."

48F = 118.4F

Fires, Crops, & Fish Suffer
"The heatwave gripping large stretches of Europe has already been blamed for deadly forest fires and crop failures. Now freshwater fish could be its next victims."

Germs Frying
"...regions in Germany sweltered as the mercury hit 39C and the German Meteorological Office said the country's record of 40.3C could be topped..."


Germs Experiencing

39C = 102.2F

Germs Expecting new Records, up to

40.3 = 104.5F

Fish Suffocating
"Rivers like the Rhine and the Elbe have soaked up so much heat that fish are beginning to suffocate."

"...Hamburg, authorities collected almost five metric tons of dead fish from ponds over the weekend..."

Germ Farmers Want Euros
"Meanwhile, the country's Farmer's Association is asking the government for 1 billion euros (A$1.57 billion) in financial aid to help cover losses from this year's poor harvest."

"...German farmers expect the grain harvest to be 20 percent smaller than last year, with rapeseed crops down 30 percent, as it has barely rained during the past 12 weeks..."

Small Potatoes, and Less of Them
"...potato farmers said they're expecting harvests to be 25 percent smaller than last year and warned that the losses may lead not only to more expensive but also shorter French fries — because the spuds are so small this year."

Poles Can't Swim
"Poland last week banned swimming at over 50 beaches along its Baltic Sea coast, after hot weather led to the growth of toxic bacteria in the unusually warm sea."

Hot Baltic Sea
"Water temperatures in the Baltic Sea exceeded 23C in some places."

23C = 73.4F (Tropical Waters in the Baltic!)

Nasty Waters
"...from Swinoujscie in the west to Gdynia in the east — not to enter the sea, where thick, green-brown cyanobacteria colonies have grown and pose a health threat."

Hot Dogs
"Police dogs in the Swiss city of Zurich have been getting special shoes to prevent them from burning their paws on the scorching streets."

Deadliest Euro Fire, & More Feared
"Across Europe, forest fires have already caused major damage. On July 23, at least 91 people died in a wildfire in Greece — the deadliest in Europe for decades."

Germs Drink More Beer
"Beer brewers in Germany have seen sales rise 0.6 percent, or 300,000 hectolitres in the first half of 2018 compared to the same period last year."

Sunny Denmark
"...Denmark, where the Meteorological Institute reported that the month of July has been the sunniest since they started recording data in 1920..."



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