Chemicals Secretly Known by 3M to be Very Bad for Health, Distributed Everywhere, Now in Everyone

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 21 December 2018


3M’s PFAS, “Teflon & Scotchguard”

Secretly Known by 3M to be Very Bad for Health, Distributed Everywhere, Now in Everyone

Cancer-linked Chemicals Manufactured by 3M Are Turning Up in Drinking Water,
Bloomturd, November 2, 2018.


3M manufacturing plant along the banks of the Mississippi River in Cottage Grove, Minnesota.

Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances
The "Forever" Chemical
"3M’s factory had been churning out some varieties since the 1950s for the water- and stain-repellant Scotchgard. 3M also sold its PFAS to other companies to make Teflon, outdoor gear, greaseproof food papers and firefighting foams. The company stopped using some kinds in 2002, but has since made others. And the same property that makes them so effective in consumer products—one of the strongest molecular bonds ever discovered—means they are almost impossible to get rid of  and don’t break down in the environment."

PFAS Accumulate in Nature and Humans
"...“forever” chemicals had long been detected in most people’s bodies, research has shown how they accumulate  and can take years to leave."

Recent studies have linked widely used PFAS, including the varieties called PFOA and PFOS, to reduced immune response and cancer.

Third of Americans Poisoned
“Water tests show that 110 million Americans have levels of PFAS in their water that the most cautious scientists call unsafe...”

Poisoned by Corporate Devils, Again…
“ studies show how the chemicals can cause harm even at tiny doses.”

“ some PFAS to decreased vaccine response. It also outlined the biological mechanism by which some cause harm: blocking cells from communicating with each other.”

Cottage Grove
Wells polluted with PFAS, 3M refuses to help, Minnesota preps to sue 3M.

100 Mile Plume
PFAS Polluted water, wells, & Mississippi River downstream from 3M Cottage Grove plant.

The Deeper Problem
The Whole US & All the States:
“...“regulatory capture,” or being influenced by the companies it regulates...”

Corporate Criminals
“...3M knew its chemicals were dangerous, yet kept that information from regulators and local residents.”

Put them in Prison, Seize all Assets
“As the company insisted for more than half a century that the chemicals were safe, the internal documents suggest that its own employees withheld evidence to the contrary.”

Cottage Grove
“...ground zero for a world problem.”

Professional Corporate Criminals
“Various methods were discussed on how to protect our company from legal action resulting from the pollution of groundwater,” one employee wrote in a 1961 memo.“

3M Knew about Uniform Poisoning
“…a 1975 finding that PFOS was in almost everyone’s blood...”

Killing us Quietly
Withheld Research
“...a 1975 finding that PFOS was in almost everyone’s blood, in 1993 that lactating goats passed it on to their offspring, and another in the early 1990s that Grandjean said found immune system dysfunction among 3M’s own workers.”

“...1999, it hired lawyers to argue that they should be in microwave popcorn bags...”

“McDonald’s saved millions in the mid-1990s by using the chemicals to create grease-proof envelopes for its hash browns...”

Decades in DuPont Teflon
“DuPont, which had been buying its PFAS for decades to manufacture Teflon.”

Corporate Criminals
1999: “ of 3M’s scientists quit. PFOS, used in Scotchgard, was “the most insidious pollutant since PCB,” Richard Purdy wrote in his resignation letter. ”

Long Criminal Corporate Conspiracy
“In it, he also said the company had told employees working on PFAS “not to write down our thoughts or have email discussions on issues because of how our speculations could be viewed in a legal discovery process.”

3M Secretly Paid Science Whores
“...outside scientists to help it manage public perceptions, records show...John Giesy, a University of Michigan zoologist who was paid as a 3M consultant and studied the chemicals using 3M’s grant money.”

Paid Science Tool of Evil
“...doing peer-reviews of other scientists’ studies for academic journals without disclosing his 3M ties. “In time sheets, I always listed these reviews as literature searches so that there was no paper trail to 3M,” Giesy wrote”



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