41% Sierra & Rocky Mountains Snow Pack Loss since ‘82

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By Alex Wierbinski - Posted on 24 December 2018


Science in Action
Measuring snowpack in a "snow pit" along Arizona's Mogollon Rim during a snow survey in 2017. Credit Patrick Broxton, copyright 2017.
Measuring snowpack in a "snow pit" along Arizona's Mogollon Rim during a snow survey in 2017. Credit Patrick Broxton, copyright 2017.


41% Snow Pack Loss Since ‘82,

79% of that Gone by 2100



Declining snowpack over western US mapped at a finer scale,
University of Arizona, December 12, 2018

Original Research Report Above, for the Article Below


The Popular Press

As Snow Disappears, the Sierras and Rockies Are Shrinking,
Wired, December 12, 2018.


“...the High Sierra and the Rockies are, in effect, shrinking, according to a new analysis of the nation’s snowpack over the past 36 years.”

Bad For
"...ski resorts...snowmobilers... homeowners worried about wildfires...for anyone living in Los Angeles, Phoenix or Denver..." (Nature, forests, trees, plants, animals, lakes, rivers, fish)

Bad Times Ahead
“High mountain snowpack supplies drinking water throughout vast areas of Northern California and the Mountain West.”

Bad Times Now
41% Pack Decline since 1982
“…parts of the western United States have seen a 41 percent decline in the annual mass of snow since 1982. The affected region is about the size of South Carolina...”

We Fucked
“For the future, that percentage will keep increasing.”

34 Days Less Winter NOW
“...the snow season shrank by 34 days for the snowiest regions.”

Kiss them Goodby…
“The western snowpack is vital to maintaining drinking water for tens of millions of people from Denver to San Diego, as well as supporting a healthy forest ecosystem.”

The End of Cold
“The summer is coming earlier, and fall is coming later, so the snowpack is being squeezed in on both sides.” (and Spring comes much earlier…)

Burn, Baby, Burn
The Consequences of The Corporate Growth Machine of Death
“The declining western snowpack and shorter snow season is already fueling wildfires like the Camp Fire that destroyed the town of Paradise, California.”

“...climate change, which is bringing warmer temperatures and greater rainfall to some areas, is to blame. “

“Our winters are getting sick and we know the reason why.”

No Shit!?
“Things are likely going to get worse.”


The Past Decline, above, Looks Grim.

What does the Future Bring?

The article above describes research into the vast reductions in snowpack we’ve experienced from 1982 until now. The research below predicts a grim trajectory of continuing decline, from today’s already depleted 41% of average annual snow pack, we are going to see an additional 79% decline in the annual average High Sierra snowpack, by 2100.

The odds are very high that your kids won’t be getting old in California.


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